Bigger marketing campaigns typically require a massive input amount of well-developed and orchestrated media such as videos, music, and acting. However, smaller scale marketing projects, such as landing pages and niche ecommerce website can easily be created with much pizazz by focusing solely on stock photos.

There are plenty of stock photo hubs available online, but few compare to the quality and quantity available on Shopify Burst. Here you will find a myriad of pictures covering a plethora of themes, and you will certainly be able to locate and apply the perfect series you need for your business.

In any case, there are some guidelines that every aspiring marketer should follow to make the most out of their smaller marketing campaigns.

Finding the Proper Website: While Shopify is an excellent example of the leaders in the stock photo business, there are plenty of less appealing services you may want to avoid. Nothing is worse than paying a handsome fee for access to a meagre collection of low-quality photos that seem to have been simply stolen from Google.

Popular doesn’t always mean Excellent: Don’t just follow the crowd when it comes to finding the best stock photo sources. Too many people congregate around the cheaper options to get the most out of their money.

The problem with this collective idea is that the same stock photo will begin popping up all over the internet. You really want to source the most original content imaginable, and bring something completely fresh and appealing to the markets so that it does not look like you are simply copying others.

Issues with Models

There are generally two types of stock photos including models: those that show faces clearly, and those that have faces unfocused or hidden. While you generally will not run into many licensing issues regarding the latter, the former will require a signed release form to accompany whichever photos of the models you wish to use.

While most ethical stock photo companies will automatically provide such documentation along with whatever photos you purchase, many of the more dishonest organizations will likely expose you to potential legal issues when you publish unlicensed images of people who did not give you permission to expose them.

Natural is Best

One of the most key indicators of a quality stock photo is its level of apparent spontaneity. Couples that seem genuinely in love, children having a sincerely good time, and elders exhibiting their natural strength, these are the moments that define a good stock photo.

While these photos will generally be more expensive, the alternative is a cheaper service exhibiting rather lame and forced scenarios that seem painfully posed and set up.

Getting the Right Sized Files

You should always download the appropriately sized image file when thinking about publishing. While you may believe that such an image may take too long to load on a webpage, remember that you can always downscale or crop an image, retaining quality while shedding the excess data for publishing.

These are just some of the best ways to find stock photos online. Make sure to do your own research into what types of stock photos will work for your small scale marketing campaigns. You should also verify that where you are getting your stock photos from is reputed and legitimate and that these photos are truly the best options for your marketing budget.