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Make Your WordPress Website Faster

The Easiest Ways to Make Your WordPress Website Faster

Page load speed is a critical component of user experience. When someone visits your website, they want to get the information they’re looking for as quickly as possible. This is especially true in mobile environments …Continue


9 Useful WordPress Plugins You May Not Know About

WordPress is a truly revolutionary platform for web developers. With the help of over 20,000 free plugins, designing aesthetically pleasing and user friendly websites is easier than ever before. But with so many options out …Continue


Get Your Business to Rank Among the Top Google’s Search Results

A high-ranking business website in Google results is similar to a brick and mortar business that is conveniently located where customers can easily find it. The higher the listing of a site in search results, …Continue

Invoice Template

Five Ways an Invoice Template Helps Your Business

Business owners and managers know that building a successful business is built on a number of factors. One of the most important things that you can do is build your professional image with your clients. …Continue

The Impact of Your Design and Hosting Choices

Why Design Matters: The Impact of Your Design and Hosting Choices

There are two things that businesses need to succeed in the online world: a website and a blog. However, simply having these two necessities does not mean that visitors will flock to your site. The …Continue

Setting Up Your WordPress Site

Alternative Ways of Setting Up Your WordPress Site

Using WordPress CMS as your blogging or website platform already gives you lots of advantages over other websites. It is a powerful and flexible publishing tool that lets you set up a responsive business website …Continue

Dedicated Web Hosting and Shared Hosting

4 Signs You Need to Choose Dedicated Web Hosting Over Shared Hosting

When it comes to online business platforms, the quality of web hosting offered directly impacts the quality of the website and customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, most companies tend to settle for popular but inefficient hosting services …Continue

Working with a Web Designer

Four Things You Need to Know Before Working with a Web Designer

Starting your first website can seem like a complicated and confusing endeavor, which is probably why you’ve opted to bring in a professional to do the hard work for you, rather than risk going it …Continue

Benefits of Blogging

5 Benefits of Blogging

By now, surely you have heard a lot about blogging.  Everyone seems to have a blog. But maybe you are still asking yourself why?  In this computer friendly era when all businesses now have a …Continue

VPS v Shared Hosting

VPS v Shared Hosting

It’s important to choose the right web hosting plan when you’re planning to launch a website. You can host your content on a website through various hosting plans, such as VPS, shared or cloud. So, …Continue