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Sid Gentle

20 Incredible Video Background Websites Inspiration

Websites with full page backgrounds are pretty cool, there’s no doubt about that. Backgrounds are usually considered an afterthought – a simple start or the final finishing touch of a typical web design. Some sites …Continue


20 Awesome Free Tumblr Themes 2014

WordPress we all know is a great free and open source blogging tool and a content-management system that is most preferred by majority of people out there. That’s when people start considering Tumblr. I bet …Continue


7 Excellent Sources of Web Design Inspiration

If You are developing web designs, then You know there is times when You struggle without any ideas. That’s the time when these web sites becomes handy. I have collected some wonderful sources that should …Continue

Website design

How to Create Professional Web Design Using Templates and Tutorials

The business world has become very competitive and small businesses in particular find it difficult to thrive in the tough market. Companies both small and large rely mainly on the internet for promoting their products …Continue

Navigation & Web Elements

Fifteen Beautiful Navigation Bars for Websites

Navigation bars are a critical part of web design because of their importance for usability and creating a position user experience. I believe we know that it’s extremely important that users understand navigation options to …Continue

Apple iPhone 5C

10 Pictures of Top Smartphones in 2013

Searching for the best newest smartphone on the market can be addictive. But it’s not just about having a stylish handset. User experience is what usually attracts a buyer. A good camera always comes in …Continue


15+ Cool Photos of Girls Showing Their Tattoos

Women have always been associated with beauty and art, and a simple look at a beautiful woman can bring good feelings and enchantment, positive vibes and thoughts of appreciation. Both women and men like to …Continue

GraphicStock Downloads

Get Affordable Graphics From GraphicStock

If you are a graphic designer or website developer, you are in regular need of quality graphics. It is advisable to own a collection of different types of graphic elements as you never know which …Continue

Google Analytics

6 Extremely Free Tools For Webmasters

There are many tools out there for webmasters, but getting by free and good ones is not that easy. Here, in this post I’m going to share with you top 6 useful free tools for …Continue

The Possibilities of a 3D Printer Infographic

The Possibilities of A 3D Printer

The possibilities are really endless with the new technology of 3D printers. They are beginning to really revolutionize education, technology, as well as the medical field, as more and more products and samples are being …Continue