40 Handpicked Free Fonts For Graphic Designers

If you are here it’s definitely because you are interested in updating your list with fresh good looking fonts. Every designer from the biggest ones to the smallest (depending the popularity) uses free fonts. Some of them takes a free font and modify it to look more unique and integrate better with the design.

A few days ago, I have published jquery upload plugins and a huge collection of photography logos. I hope that you will like these articles and today I promise to you that you will also like these free fonts collection. If you like these fonts then I will expect you to share your comments with us.

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1. Juice


2. Lot


3. Zag


4. Quad


5. Badabum


6. Anivers


7. PincoyaBlack


8. High Five Font

High Five Font

9. Sat Free

Sat Free

10. Dan Free Font

Dan Free Font

11. 01.BASE


12. Otari


13. Hand Of Sean

Hand Of Sean

14. All Over Again

All Over Again

15. Denne Shuffle

Denne Shuffle

16. Roke1984 – Free Font

Roke1984 – Free Font

17. Sober Buzzed

Sober Buzzed

18. Sketchetik


19. Disorder Type (2010)

Disorder Type (2010)

20. Null Free Font

Null Free Font

21. Bellerose


22. Bleeding Cowboys

Bleeding Cowboys

23. Champagne & Limousines

Champagne & Limousines

24. Eurofurence


25. Existence Light

Existence Light

26. The Lobster Font

The Lobster Font

27. Age Free Font

Age Free Font

28. Val Stencil

Val Stencil

29. Melbourne


30. Four Free Type!

Four Free Type!

31. Kilogram


32. Cold Bold

Cold Bold

33. Fairydust


34. Honey Script

Honey Script

35. Quadranta


36. Riesling


37. Ripe Free Font

Ripe Free Font

38. Star Avenue

Star Avenue

39. You’re Gone

You’re Gone

40. Amaze Free Font

Amaze Free Font

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