Blue Business Card Designs

25+ Fantastic Blue Business Card Designs

A business card is the best contact building tool you will ever need to get noticed. It has been considered one effective way of advertising and getting in touch with important people for business or for pleasure.

Here, we have collected 25+ business cards in blue. It is said that blue symbolizes peace, harmony, and confidence. We hope you will enjoy this wonderful Showcase. Feel free to share your opinion with us and let us know which one is your favorite!

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1. Business Card Design

Business Card Design

2. Creative Studio Business Card

Creative Studio Business Card

3. Blue Embossed Card

Blue Embossed Card

4. I Draw Designs Business Card

I Draw Designs Business Card

5. Ravial Designs Business Card

Ravial Designs Business Card

6. Biz Card

Biz Card

7. Music School Business Card

Music School Business Card

8. My Business Cards

My Business Cards

9. Call Center Business Card

Call Center Business Card

10. Blue Card EU

Blue Card EU

11. Business Card

Business Card

12. Aras Aqua Business Card

Aras Aqua Business Card

13. Inku Photo Business Cards – Front / Back

Inku Photo Business Cards - Front Back

14. Blue Bird Design Card

Blue Bird Design Card

15. Fanq Business Card

Fanq Business Card

16. J.A. Calling Card 1

J.A. Calling Card 1

17. DOF Shots – Business Cards

DOF Shots - Business Cards

18. Business Cards, Double-Sided

Business Cards, Double-Sided

19. Blue Cards

Blue Cards

20. Japanese Business Card

Japanese Business Card

21. Trendy Barber Shop Business Card

Trendy Barber Shop Business Card

22. Blue Leaf Business Card

Blue Leaf Business Card

23. Webflo Studios Branding

Webflo Studios Branding

24. Amanda Dennelly Letterpress – Logo Closeup

Amanda Dennelly Letterpress - Logo Closeup

25. Blue Business Card Design

Blue Business Card Design

26. Hello Harbor Calling Cards

Hello Harbor Calling Cards

27. Lory Sangiovani Business Card

Lory Sangiovani Business Card

28. Cheezen Business Card 1

Cheezen Business Card 1

29. Urania-Bc


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  1. I really like the Creative Studio Business Card and the InkU ones the most, thanks for sharing these beauties.