It’s hard to belive but all these beautiful pictures are not photos but pencil drawings. Pencil drawings is one of the oldest drawing arts that requires talent in understanding how to use the pencils to illustrate objects.

These images collection is collected from different sources on the internet for entertainment of our visitor and i hope you really like this. Let’s have a look now!

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1. Madonna Beautiful Pencil Artwork


2. Pencil Artwork

Pencil Artwork

3. Elven Whispers Pencil

Elven Whispers Pencil

4. White Dove

White Dove

5. Zelian in Pencil

Zelian in Pencil

6. Pencil/Charcoal


7. The Scream

The Scream

8. Lady GaGa


9. She Cells Seashells

She Cells Seashells

10. Classic Artwork by Hype

Classic Artwork by Hype

11. No Words Needed

No Words Needed

12. Friend 2

Friend 2

13. Samori Pencil

Samori Pencil

14. Pomiary


15. Lady Knight

Lady Knight

16. Figure Drawing – Masuda Mia

Figure Drawing - Masuda Mia

17. Reflections


18. La Pieta

La Pieta

19. Fruit


20. Beautiful Belle

Beautiful Belle

21. More sketches Sleeping Child

More sketches Sleeping Child

22. Britney Spears Drawing

Britney Spears Drawing

23. Gandhiji Pencil Drawn


24. Damsel & Dragon

Damsel & Dragon

25. Matsumoto Jun

Matsumoto Jun

26. Beetles


27. Dead Smile

Dead Smile

28. Deserted House

Deserted House

29. I Don’t Like To Share

I Don't Like To Share

30. Defender of the Realm

Defender of the Realm

31. One Butterfly

One Butterfly

32. Pencil Drawing

Pencil Drawing

33. Puppy Love

Puppy Love

34. Kim Kibum Super Junior

Kim Kibum Super Junior

35. Alive – Final

Alive - Final

36. Erestor Pencil

Erestor Pencil

37. Eye


38. Pencil Magma

Pencil Magma

39. Mechanical Pencil Dragon

Mechanical Pencil Dragon

40. Pencil Madness

Pencil Madness

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