23 Awesomely Minimal Business Cards Designs

Business cards are still not out yet. E-cards may be growing but real hard copies of business cards are still making their way around. Business is also sometimes a confidence shared between two professionals or clients during business transactions. So keeping in mind the main things like color scheme and the amount of text on the business card.

The art of keeping the business card as specific, brief, simple and to the point comes under minimal business card designing. This minimalism in design is what makes these business cards so beautiful and effective. So today I have come up with really cool and creative minimal business cards which will make you say wow.

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1. Minimal Business Cards

Minimal Business Cards

2. Fraher Business Cards

Fraher Business Cards

3. Minimal Business Card Vector Graphic

Minimal Business Card Vector Graphic

4. Phyrax Business Card

Phyrax Business Card

5. Letterpress Business Card

Letterpress Business Card

6. Black Minimal Business Card

Black Minimal Business Card

7. Minimal Creative Business Card

Minimal Creative Business Card

8. Minimal Designed US Business Card

Minimal Designed US Business Card

9. Minimalizm Business Card

Minimalizm Business Card

10. Twintoe Business Card

Twintoe Business Card

11. Artist Business Card

Artist Business Card

12. Mind the Wall Business Cards

Mind the Wall Business Cards

13. Minimal Business Card Template

Minimal Business Card Template

14. Business Cards for Classy Affairs

Business Cards for Classy Affairs

15. R.A. Business Cards

R.A. Business Cards

16. Business Card Designed with Minimal Style

Business Card Designed with Minimal Style

17. Minimal QR Code Business Card

Minimal QR Code Business Card

18. PsynaiDesign Business Card

PsynaiDesign Business Card

19. Minimal II Business Card

Minimal II Business Card

20. Moo Cards

Moo Cards

21. Molotov Business Cards

Molotov Business Cards

22. Wonderful Minimal Designed Business Cards

Wonderful Minimal Designed Business Cards

23. All Wellness Business Card

All Wellness Business Card

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