Yellow Flower

Attractive Yellow Flower Tutorial in Photoshop

Flowers always looking beautiful, smooth, soft and clean. So today, I have decided to create a beautiful yellow flower by using Photoshop.

In this tutorial, I have use some Photoshop tools and techniques to create an attractive yellow flower. With the help of this tutorial you can enhance your Photoshop skills and I hope you will enjoy this useful tutorial. Feel free to share your opinion with us and let us start now!

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Attractive Yellow Flower Tutorial: Final Preview

Attractive Yellow Flower

Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources


Which tools use in this tutorial here you see below:

  • Brush Tool
  • Gradient Tool
  • Pen Tool

Lets start to made this attractive yellow flower,

Step 1

First of all open Adobe Photoshop and create a new document. I create new document of 900 x 1000 px with #070707 color background.

Create a New Document

Step 2

Select the hard brush tool of 6 px and draw a line with white color #ffffff like this.

Create a Line

Step 3

Now I am going to select the wind from filter.

go to Filter > Stylize and click on Wind.

Wind Filter

When I select the wind then the wind penal open and I set the direction of my choice.



After applying Wind filter we get a cool effect as shown in preview below.

Wind Selection

Then press Ctrl+F three time and after this procedure we see that the wind effect more expand.

Expand Wind

Step 4

Now I am selecting the warp tool to transform the layer.

Edit > transform > warp tool.


Here with the help of warp tool carve, the layer to create like a flower petal as shown in preview.

Made Flower Petal

After completing this procedure use the Transform Tool (Ctrl+T ) then rotate the flower petal and straight it as like in preview.

Rotate The Layer

Now duplicate this layer six time and rotate them in circle to create like a flower as like in preview, then select all the layers and press Ctrl+E to merge all of petal layers and name this layer to Petals layer.

Merge All Petal Layers

Step 5

Now I am going to edit and Transform the Petals layer select perspective and rotate it, as like preview below.


Duplicate the petals layer two time and using the Transform tool (Ctrl+T) set it in the middle of flower as like in preview.

Using The Transform Tool


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