Photoshop Tutorial: Make a Decent Shiny Folder Icon

In this tutorial we will demonstrate some easy steps to help you to create your own shiny folder icon in Photoshop. These steps can be easily modified to produce a folder icon for your website.

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Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources


  • Polygonal Lasso Tool ( L )
  • Brush Tool  ( B )
  • Rectangle Tool ( U )
  • Gradient Tool ( G )

Lets start to create our shiny folder,

Step 1

Open Adobe Photoshop, create a new file ( Ctrl+N ) (width 600) x (height 500) with white color #ffffff.

Create New File

Step 2

Create a new layer named it Folder, select Polygonal Lasso Tool  ( L ) and create a shape like shown in preview.

Create New Layer

Step 3

After creating folder shape, select any soft or hard brush tool ( B ) and paint the color in folder layer, chose any color as you like, but I am choosing black color #000000.

Color Applying

Step 4

Now I am going to blending option and applying these effects.

Gradient Overlay.

Applying Gradient

Inner Glow with color #fffff2

Inner Glow

Stroke with color #c0c0c0.


After applying these blending options we get an awesome effect in the following preview.

Get an Awesome Preview

Step 5

Now after applying all blending option on folder shape layer. Now we create a new layer, select the Rectangle Marquee tool (M) and draw a rectangle as like in preview.

Rectangle Tool

Select any soft or hard brush and fill it any color, I am filling this layer with black color #000000. Set this layer down to folder shape layer ( Ctrl+[ ) as like in preview.

Folder Side

Step 6

Now go to blending option and apply some effects on current layer.

Inner Glow with color #fffff2.

Inner Glow

Gradient Overlay.

Applying Gradient Overlay

Stroke with color #c0c0c0.


After applying these all blending options we get cool effect as shown in preview.

Get Cool Preview