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15 Elegant Responsive HTML and CSS Templates

Responsive HTML and CSS website templates are very much in demand nowadays because of the fact that they are responsive, flexible and fluid. With the right great looking responsive CSS and HTML templates in your …Continue

HTML5 Video Element

Understanding HTML5 Video Element

The HTML5 <video> tag makes it possible to embed video clips in web pages much like how the <img> tag works for images. The <video> element is brand new in HTML 5 and allows you …Continue


How To Use the HTML5 Audio Element

HTML5 has entered our lives for good and it is changing the way we are embedding media on our web pages. HTML5 looks set to make life easier for us developers, thanks to its audio …Continue

HTML5 Icon

Advantages of Converting PSD to HTML5

PSD to HTML conversion have been the market standard in web development for quite some time now. When it comes to website development, nothing can underestimate the significant importance of conversion from PSD to HTML …Continue

HTML5 Document Structure

Essential Guide to HTML5 Document Structure

HTML5 is certainly one of the latest buzzwords in the web community. It is not something new anymore and we have already seen how cool it is. Features like simplified doctype, more semantic markup, input …Continue

HTML5 in Website Designing

Importance of HTML5 in Website Designing

There are several ways a website can be designed using advanced technical tools, methodologies, and advanced designing tools, and many more. Professional website designers have switched their taste from non-html technologies like Adobe Flash to …Continue

html and html5 tags

Detailed List of HTML and HTML5 Elements

A single page can contain hundreds or thousands of elements, When you land on a website, all the items you see in front of you; the paragraph texts, the page banners, and the navigation links …Continue

Stylesheet to HTML

Linking Your Stylesheet to HTML

Style sheets made way to the development of web page that is why web designers these days have improved in developing a better website look compared to what it was before. Before people were only …Continue

HTML4 and HTML5 Key Differences

HTML4 and HTML5 Key Differences: Compare Side by Side

HTML (Hypertext mark up language) is used for presenting data on WWW (World Wide Web). HTML is a mark up language used to create structured documents on the internet. The web is constantly evolving. New …Continue

HTML5 Block Level Elements

HTML5 Block Level Elements: Complete List

I am writing this tutorial to complete the second type of HTML elements i.e block level elements, as i have already posted html and html5 inline elements list in my previous article. HTML5 Block Level …Continue