HTML5 Block Level Elements

HTML5 Block Level Elements: Complete List

I am writing this tutorial to complete the second type of HTML elements i.e block level elements, as i have already posted html and html5 inline elements list in my previous article.

HTML5 Block Level Elements

Block-level elements place a line break before and after the element

Here is a complete list of block levele selectors that can by used to style the HTML document by using the power of CSS / CSS3

* will represent Block Level Elements new in HTML5

Selector HTML Use Selector HTML Use
article* Article Content header* Section or Page Header
aside* Aside Content hgroup* Groups Header Information
blockquote Long Quotation hr Horizontal Rule
body Page Body li List Item
br Line Break map Image Map
button Push Button object Object Embedding
canvas* Draw Area ol Ordered List
caption Table Caption output* Form Output
col Table Column p Paragraph
colgroup Group of Table Columns pre Preformatted Text
dd Definition Description progress* Displays progress of time consuming task
div Division section* Section in Web page
dl Definition List table Table
dt Definition Term tbody Table Body
embed External Content textarea Form Text Input Area
fieldset Fieldset Label tfoot Table Footer
figcaption* Figure Caption th Table Header
figure* Groups Media Content and Caption thead Table Header
footer* Section or page footer tr Table Row
form Input Form ul Unordered List
h1–6 Heading Levels 1–6 video* Video player

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  1. Your information is well used. Please check out my site and connections!!!!

  2. i noticed footer element is inline in Firefox and block in Chrome. Please clarify.

  3. I’m surprised to find nav and details is not on this list but on inline, nevertheless great work.

  4. Thanks for the post. Definitely good food for thought. I don’t think the following elements default to block, though: video, output, canvas, progress. Progress and output in particular seem like they would regularly be used inline (for instance, performing a look-up within a form or displaying the results of a calculation).

  5. that is the break tag \. Also your comment section should not ignore or render tags when used inside a comment.