During the five years between 2016 and 2021, when apps saw a significant rise, there was a total of 230 billion app downloads. Smartphone users simply love working on them. Around 90% of the entire time spent on the internet through a smartphone is done using apps.

There’s no question that apps dominate mobile use and that businesses can significantly profit from this fact. Every company should dedicate itself to finding the best custom app development services and personally creating an app for their business.

In this article, we’re sharing a few reasons why your company needs this. If you’re on the fence about whether this is a good investment, take a look at these points below and find out more about this subject.

1. Increasing brand awareness

Brand awareness is one of the key focuses of every marketing agency or department when a company’s recognition among consumers is in question. A business needs to be easily recognizable because this drives consumers to buy their products first and ignore those coming from competitors.

A business app can significantly increase brand awareness and brand recognition. If the app that customers download has things to offer, they’ll constantly use it, and the more they do this, the more they’ll stick your brand logo inside their minds, making choosing a product out of the many an easy task for them; they’ll always choose yours first.

2. May raise the productivity of your employees

If you develop the app right, it may also be helpful for your employees. Suppose you’re running a retail store filled with thousands of different products. Your employees working within these retail stores will significantly benefit by having a one-place database where everything is displayed easily.

Apps are built to provide a fast and seamless experience for their users, which means your employees will be able to search through the items with ease. Of course, there are other use cases too, but if you built the app right, your employees can profit from its existence and raise their productivity on the job.

3. Provides excellent customer support

A top reason for losing customers and letting them go to the competition is providing poor customer support service. This is among the top three reasons across all industries. Dedicating yourself to building an efficient customer support service for your clients is crucial for running a successful business.

Through your app, customers will get what they are searching for quickly. Even if there’s no internet, the app can accumulate their requests, and someone will answer them the second this request is received. This raises customer satisfaction, which leads to higher customer retention, a key segment to having more profits and returning customers.

4. Chance for push notifications and free advertising

All apps have the chance to communicate with the user that downloads them. This allows the company always to push notifications on their smartphone and deliver a message. Your marketing campaigns will reach thousands of clients instantly after you press the button.

There’s no better way of doing marketing than notifications on the phones of your clients. The only thing to mind is to keep notifications at the minimum. Too much, and consumers will feel like you’re intruding and delete the app or put it on hold.

5. Keeping up with the competitors and modern technologies

Everyone has their apps today. If you’re running a business, be sure that you need one. Most of your competitors already have one developed, and they can highlight this as part of their business development.

Even if you don’t really need the app to raise profits, or you think that you don’t have enough clients for whom the app will make a change, it is still a good idea because apps and the internet are the future, and you always need to keep up with technology.


These few points are everything you need to know about developing a business app. No matter what industry you’re in, be sure that a great custom-made app will be valuable for your and your clients. Find a great development studio, explain what you’re looking for and what’s essential for your business, and let the pros handle the job for you.