Apps have become the ultimate time passing activity for people of all ages and walks of life. From Adobe Flash Player to Angry Birds, the world of apps has an activity to satisfy and entertain anyone.

Every day more and more people are striving to create and launch the next big app to the masses. To help those designers out, there are multiple businesses out there to assist aspiring app designers in their vision such as Appwriter. Using these companies is the best springboard to creating an app that might just make it in the Appstore or Android market.

Here, we look at some of the best and most downloaded apps of all time – could yours appear in one of these lists in time to come?

Top Free Apps

As far as apps go the best things in life really are free. Currently, there are literally tens of thousands of apps available to mobile users. The average person has at least ten apps on their device at any given time; here are five that you can download for free.

Angry Birds

It should be of no surprise that this ridiculously addictive game made the cut for most downloads of all time.  To date, Angry Birds has been downloaded nearly 2 million times (and growing) and has become a common household name.


Currently, Facebook has over a billion users, half a billion are mobile users, which makes this pick for most downloaded app a true no-brainer.


It didn’t take long for Skype to go from a neat way to video chat with your friends to the only way to chat with your friends. Skype has nearly 50 million active users and in 2010 Skype was downloaded over 7 million times on iPhone.

Temple Run

Temple run allows its users to be a virtual Indiana Jones or Lara Croft from the palm of their hand. So far, Temple Run has been downloaded well over 100,000 times.

Tiny Flashlight +LED

The Tiny Flashlight +Led is one of the more practical and convenient apps available. This high powered app that utilizes your mobile phone/androids existing lighting to shine a bright LED light has become a must have app for everyone.

Paid Apps

Some of the more popular apps out there come with a cost (between 0.99-$10.00). Here are 5 paid apps that according to millions of users are worth their weight in gold.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you are probably aware of the extremely popular building adventure game Minecraft. Minecraft Pocket Edition, which goes for around $7, has afforded itself literally millions of downloads.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

For around $3, you can download the wildly fun Five Nights at Freddy’s app to your mobile device. This game is enormously popular with the younger generation which explains why the majority of downloads for Five Nights at Freddy’s is to tablets and iPods.

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is a well-known strategy game that allows you to destroy the world via virus or bacteria for about a dollar. Some would consider that good value for the opportunity to embark on global annihilation.


For $3 TurboScan turns your iPhone/Android into a handheld scanner that can scan anything from documents to receipts. TurboScan is currently one of the most widely used business apps in the world.


In an age where people use their phones as their camera/video camera, it makes sense that a video-editing app will be on the top of the list in popularity. Videoshop is a fast and user-friendly video editor that costs $3 and is compatible with virtually any mobile device.