Mobile App Templates are a great time saver for many developers, as they could easily build an app without starting from scratch which is both expensive and time-consuming. Using a template would help every developer focus more on customizing the app to get a valuable result. It is also a great way to learn, as you can study the building blocks while building yours. 

New and stunning mobile app templates have emerged over the last few years and there is now an increased range of mobile apps in the tech space. You don’t have to go through the tedious process of researching and writing long lines of codes when there are fully coded and functional mobile app templates that would yield the same result. 

However, while there are lots of app templates available, knowing the best to use could save you more time and effort and also determine the result you get. The best mobile app templates have the best design, are fully coded and are ready to be launched to Google Play Store or App Store for immediate use. 

Below are 3 best mobile app templates in 2019 that can come in handy for your next app:

1. NDating Native Android Dating App

If you have ever considered building a dating app like Tinder, the NDating Native Android Dating App is a great app to help you achieve your aim. It is location-based, as it helps users get a match nearby with their details. It covers all dating functionalities, including user profile, one-on-one live chats and video calls, native emojis on chats, profile views, and the number of likes. It also allows users to customize the app based on their preference by limiting who chats with them by sex, user group, and age. It is integrated with a back-end system- Admin Panel built using Codeigniter Framework.

2. ChatOne – Social Networking PHP Script

While there seem to be enough social media apps today to last us a lifetime, different social media platforms often appeal to different audiences if in the right niche. The ChatOne – Social Networking PHP Script is a great way to start your own social media app. It contains features like the live chatroom, image upload (including support for external images), trending hashtag displays, and complete admin panel features. It also contains up to 150 emojis, image finder gifs, and 5 languages by default. This template is perfect for everyone who would like to own a social media app and launch within minutes of creating it. It is one of the best out there due to its appealing and responsive design for mobile phones and tablets.

3. Restaurant App – Android iOS Source Code

Food delivery apps are on the rise today to match the hustle and bustle of life and meet consumers’ needs faster. The Restaurant App – Android iOS Source Code template is for everyone who would like to build a similar app like Uber Eats, Postmates, and Deliveroo. Some of the features include: browse categories and products, choose food and beverages, order restaurants,  review orders, call the waiter and track requests.


There are many more amazing mobile app templates to choose from that are coded in Kotlin, Swift, React Native and Flutter. Save yourself the time, effort and extra charges and build with some of the best app templates today.