The process of setting up your business website can be hard work. After spending enough time working through hosting fees, template fees, and migration, most entrepreneurs want to get back to their business and stop worrying about their online storefront.

However, a website is never really finished, so periodic check-ins are important to manage a site and see about the possible changes that need to be enacted. We know that business owners are often too inundated with other important tasks to delegate time to these matters, and luckily for you, other services know this as well.

That’s why there are many services available to business owners that will streamline maintenance and make running your website easier. Here are just four of the many services you can utilize:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While this recommendation is less of a service and more of a process, getting a handle on your SEO is going to be key to reaching your audience.

While many of your customers will be quick to type in your business name and may be able to find it on there, others who might be looking for a business like yours won’t be able to do so without proper Search Engine Optimization.

Using SEO techniques, you can make sure you make the first page of any Google or Bing result for not only your business name, but services you offer as well. For instance, if you are a clothing store in Denver, you can use SEO to present your website to anyone who searches the internet for “clothing store in Denver” using several common techniques.

SEO is an ongoing process, and there’s no magic bullet solution. If there was, everyone would be using it! That’s why services devoted to helping you out with SEO can increase turnover and the overall splash your site makes online.

Website builders like WordPress or Wix often come with built-in SEO techniques that are simple enough for any laymen to use. Likewise, SEO services will present you with clear, actionable ways for you to optimize your website for the keywords of your choosing.

2. Maintenance

Websites aren’t designed to be set up and left alone. As technology advances, many aspects of accessing your site change. The code and foundation your website runs off of will need periodic maintenance. Your pages will need to be checked for 404 errors. When left and neglected, things break.

Maintenance services are often combined into offerings from web hosting services. Your web host is the service provider that keeps your website’s content on servers for your customers to access. These organizations know that periodic maintenance will be necessary, and will likely have a place for you to get your website checked out.

Get on a call with your web hosting service and make sure that your website is being checked in on and periodically updated to keep speeds high. Regular maintenance can often be scheduled, and the results of which will be reported back to you.

All you need to do is set up scheduled maintenance and wait for feedback.

3. Digital Marketing Agencies

If you’ve enacted a few SEO tips but aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for, it may be time to outsource that aspect of your web strategy to an agency that is qualified to manage your digital marketing.

Digital marketing agencies provide business owners with website copy, blog posts, SEO, and a myriad of other solutions that will help make your website visible to anyone. By hiring a digital marketing agency to set up a blog or handle social media posts, you’ll enjoy being hands-off on marketing while the experts set you up for success.

Many digital marketing agencies exist that specialize in different sectors of business. Take some time to research digital marketing agencies, or talk to fellow business owners and seek out referrals to trusted sources.

Much like with a good accountant, the right agency focusing on the right keywords and visibility will all but pay for itself. And speaking of payment:

4. E-Commerce Software

If you’re planning to sell anything on your website, you’ll need access to E-Commerce software.

Most people are familiar with big names like PayPal or Shopify, which can handle the complex financial work of securing payments over the Internet. This software is often either bundled with a web host or website builder like WordPress or added onto a website later on.

In any case, E-Commerce software is crucial to ensuring safe, secure transactions online. Lots of E-Commerce solutions include web hosting as part of the package, which can make the business of getting your website online far easier.

If you already utilize WordPress web hosting, talk to a customer service representative about getting E-Commerce started on your website. Odds are, they’ll have a solution for you.

Final Thoughts 

While we’ve gone over four services that can help your business’ website run smoothly and get seen by others, there are many, many more that deserve to be recognized.

For instance, social media managers like HootSuite will let you mass-post information to the businesses social media accounts. Media interaction helps increase customer awareness and can help with SEO, as well!

Analytics are also able to tell you what’s working and what’s not – a well as which pages on your website are generating the most traffic. Using these services in conjunctions to the ones above can further aid in making your website as strong as it can be.

Overall, websites can be a tricky affair. While an online website is important to growing a business in the 21st century, understanding how and when to update and maintain it is a constant process with no clear ending.

That’s why calling in the cavalry is your best plan of attack. By ensuring that the content on your website is up to your standards and letting the experts do the rest, running your website will be as simple and effective as possible.

What are your thoughts? How can business owners more effectively manage their websites and digital marketing campaigns? Leave a comment with your thoughts in the section below.