When it comes to online business platforms, the quality of web hosting offered directly impacts the quality of the website and customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, most companies tend to settle for popular but inefficient hosting services that come with numerous underlying inconveniences. Plain-Jane platforms, a lack of security, and low performance and reliability are common issues with shared hosting. On the other hand, dedicated hosting eliminates such inconveniences.

A Cookie-Cutter Platform

There may be numerous plugins to customize your site with shared hosting, but its core is similar to every other website on the server. This standardizes your platform, and for clients with a keen eye, it may go down as common.

In such a competitive business world, standing out goes a long way in boosting popularity and sales. With dedicated web hosting from Arvixe, the whole server is at your disposal, and the entire website can be customized, offering clients a varied and unique experience.

A Lack of Security

Shared web hosting significantly increases insecurity risks owing to the many websites shared on the same server.  This is due to the easy accessibility shared hosting offers to hackers. This can put your business in jeopardy as it may reveal your information, putting your finances and private information at risk of being stolen.

Dedicated hosting eliminates the risks posed by sharing, significantly boosting the website’s safety when other security measures such as a firewall are implemented. This also improves your clients’ trust and reliability as their information is secure as well.

Low Performance and Quality

Shared web hosting service providers often entice clients with offers of unlimited bandwidth and disk space. However, these features and many others are usually limited due to how many websites are on the server.

Where there are many websites, there are slow loading speeds and low-quality graphics, which may affect your business’ performance. For instance, many clients will not bear waiting for a page to load while there are many other websites accessible instantly.

This consequently reduces traffic, sales, and revenue. On a long enough timeline, this ruins your reputation among clients and investors.

A Lack of Reliability

People are always surfing the web day and night and for businesses, especially those with a broad geographical reach, this ensures there is always a consistent traffic flow. This can be exploited to boost popularity and sales, but can also come as a major inconvenience should your website ever be inaccessible.

For websites on shared web hosting platforms, this is extremely likely especially when the server is hosting many websites registering high traffic levels. You would lose potential clients, and your loyal customers could choose to explore new sites.

Dedicated web hosting puts all the disk space and bandwidth at the disposal of the website and if maintained well, ensures that the site is always available.

Shared hosting, when provided by competent companies, may offer your website what it needs to run on the internet. However, it does little when it comes to giving it a competitive edge and in other cases may even compromise its performance and security. This consequently affects your business’ performance and reputation among your online clientele base.

As such, it is important to avoid taking any risks and invest in dedicated web hosting to give your business a firm foundation in the internet. Additionally, the numerous features offered by a dedicated server will also give your website a competitive edge over other sites in your niche, allowing you to realize short and long-term traffic and sales benefits as well.