The primary goal of a landing page is always to (a) capture leads and/or (b) drive sales. Unfortunately, many businesses forget this and end up designing weak pages that add very little value to the brand’s bottom line. As a result, they’re simply wasting time and money that could be better invested in other areas of the business.

How to Guarantee a Higher Conversion Rate

Developing high converting landing pages is a bit of a science. And while your audience may be sensitive to certain techniques, the following tips are generally seen as good all-purpose strategies for quickly increasing conversion rates in any industry.

Let’s take a look to see if there are any areas in which you can improve.

1. Present a Free Offer

For such a simple word, “free” has some pretty powerful connotations attached to it. People love free things and will go out of their way, just for a little incentive. If you can find a way to incorporate some type of free offer into your landing page, you’ll greatly benefit.

You can see an example of how this works by checking out this landing page from Austin wedding band The Grooves. For service-based companies, offering free rate quotes is a fantastic way to encourage prospects to reach out with no strings attached. Other free options include eBooks, white papers, and even complimentary samples.

2. Use Guarantees

One of the classic methods for increasing conversions is to offer landing page visitors some sort of guarantee. No matter how you attract customers, where they come from, or what their needs are, there’s one thing every single person wants out of a purchase: the guarantee that they’ll get something positive and substantial out of it.

“Some people want results, some want gratification, and some want happiness, but at the end of the day it all boils down to one thing: avoiding regret,” entrepreneur Nathan Hangen points out.

There are a variety of guarantees you can use and you should tailor your selections to your value offering in an effort to overcome the biggest pain points. Hangen references 10 different guarantees, but the three most popular are money back guarantees, risk-free guarantees, and 100 percent satisfaction guarantees.

3. Stick to One CTA

You should never offer multiple CTAs on a single landing page. This confuses and distracts visitors and actually hurts the conversion rate on both.

For the perfect example of what a single-CTA landing page should look like, check out this page from online video hosting company, Wistia. Notice that the sole purpose of this page is to sign up new users. As a result, there’s nothing else distracting visitors or taking them away from the page’s main objective.

4. Keep it Simple

The final tip is to keep things simple. While you may feel the urge to “flex” your design muscles and creativity, it won’t do any good to throw in extra elements, just for the sake of impressing people. More buttons, colors, and sections simply increase the chance of distracting visitors and taking their attention off your unified CTA. The fewer distractions there are, the higher the chance they’ll follow through with your offer or request.

Put Your Landing Page to Work

No matter which way you slice it, a landing page is an investment. The only question is whether or not you’re getting a healthy return on that investment of time and money. If you feel like your landing pages are suffering from low conversion rates, then implement some of these strategies, which are guaranteed to increase conversions in a sustainable manner.