Yes, your social media contents are generating enough traffic, but without an explainer video, you haven’t been utilizing the full potential of social media. Nowadays majority of internet users prefer watching a video than reading texts. And the nature of explainer videos in explaining context with the aid of visuals is a good way to reach the right audience. Recent researches reveal that people engage more with ‘How To…’ videos. Take YouTube, for example, ‘How To…’ videos grow by 70% in the last two years, and it is responsible for over 1.8 billion hours spent on YouTube every month.

The combination of video content and social media is highly effective and engaging. It shouldn’t be surprising since video is what everyone now prefers and we spend more and more time on social media. However, knowing the way to use these resources is a good place to start.

So, below are the 4 most effective ways explainer videos can skyrocket your social media channels.

  • The video length

People prefer to watch videos but not lengthy videos. What people prefer to see are short and concise video clips. The ideal length for social media video clips should be a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 5 minutes. Any length shorter than 30 seconds wouldn’t have explained enough. And any length longer than 5 minutes might bore your audience. Make sure to deliver the message as soon as possible. Keep it straightforward and compelling.

However, if you have already created a lengthy video, you can cut important parts as short clips for your social media channel.

The average length of the most successful videos on Facebook feeds are between 24 and 90 seconds long.

  • The Video Elements

Not only should your explainer video be short in length, but the elements used in the video should also be attractive. The elements being referred mean the images, objects, characters, colors, typography, etc. that you use in your video.  The titles should be short yet self-explanatory and summarize descriptions in just a few lines. Present your points with bullets and suitable diagrams where needed.

Use visually appealing themes. And lastly, which is also important; make the first few seconds of your video engaging, and generating curiosity so that your audience interest won’t get turned off from the very beginning.

  • Use subtitles

You need a subtitle in your explainer video. So that a viewer who couldn’t catch the audio in your explainer video can read the subtitles and understand the message you are passing across.

Some users prefer watching videos without sound for many reasons; you will be doing them a favor by including a subtitle. Furthermore, it is best to add English subtitles if your video is not recorded in English.

  • Include a call to action

If your explainer video is engaging enough, some users will watch the video to the end, and they will admit they love it. But only a few know what to do next. Fewer out of the few that knows what to do next might not do it. The best way to make users do take your intended action after watching your video is to include a Call To Action (CTA). For example, after a video tutorial, you may ask users to like the page for more great tutorials like the one they just watched. Or tell them to follow a link to buy the advertised product. CTA is also an excellent tool for lead generation.

Creating an engaging explainer video shouldn’t be hard when you have enough resources, all the resources you need is on a single website;


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You can use mysimpleshow to create videos for the following;

  • Create an explainer video for low-budget projects.
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  • Create awareness and acceptance for change processes.
  • Effective sharing of ideas, internal campaigns, requests for action, project pitches. And also do a lot more.

Why you need mysimpleshow

Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than ordinary texts. Considering the World Wide Web can sometimes offer a wealth of information. Keeping things simple, short, and visual with video is the best way to communicate your message. We tested mysimpleshow and it is an online video maker tool that gives you everything you need to create an excellent and professional explainer video so we recommend that you visit mysimpleshow to try this quick and easy DYI solution.