Cloud based solutions for businesses are steadily increasing in popularity and tend to be the favourite communications system for start-ups, because of the low overheads, flexibility and scalability.

It can be more complicated for existing businesses however, who are on the fence about the benefits of moving their communications to the cloud, because they are really not sure if the move will be beneficial to them.

There are however, some serious benefits of using a cloud phone system for your business, to wit:

1. Easy Installation

All you need are the right handsets that can access the cloud and a router and you are good to go. The service provider you select will sort out your handsets and routers, so all you really need to do is to decide on your provider and you are on the cloud.

The ease of installation is a major factor in many businesses taking advantage of this new technology and moving their communications systems to the cloud.

2. Cost Savings

When your in-house phone system goes down, you either have to co-opt your IT staff to locate and fix the problem or wait for someone from the phone company to visit your premises and fix the problem themselves.

With a cloud based system, the vast majority of problems can be fixed remotely and if there are any problems in the cloud itself, your provider will have so many redundancies that you most probably won’t even notice that there is a problem.

Don’t forget that all in-house calls are free, as are calls between satellite offices, so you can only imagine how much money that will save your business.

3. Minimal Downtime

With a cloud based phone system, there is just about zero downtime, because of all the redundancies built into the system, as mentioned above. This is a huge benefit when you rely on your phone system to help generate leads or deal with customer enquiries.

In addition, you have access to lots of other features, such as conference calls or video conferencing, which are usually only available to larger businesses who can afford these services. On the cloud however, you can mix and match the features of your phone service to reflect your changing business needs.

4. Scalable and Flexible

With the cloud, you can add the internet, phone and mobile all into one package and receive just one monthly bill for everything. You can add or remove services and features and expand the system to include offices in different states or countries. So, when you open up a new office overseas, all you need to do is to simply expand your cloud service to include that location.

The scalability and flexibility of a cloud based communications system is one of the biggest reasons why established businesses are opting to use the cloud.

5. Upgrades are Free

Whenever there is an upgrade to the system, it just automatically happens at no extra charge to your business. So system upgrades happen automatically, without you having to renew licenses or have your IT staff spend hours making in-house upgrades.

So, if you are ready to upgrade your phone system, the above are significant real-world advantages in moving your business communications to the cloud.