If you have been an ardent Photoshop fan but could never go beyond the cropping and cutting part, you might want to try your hand at something that is a better fit for your needs. You could try out a fast and easy online image editor that is free and fun, before you crawl back to Photoshop to feed your artistic hunger.

As web-based apps gain ground and make short work of our basic online needs, it is imperative that we keep tabs on online image editing apps that have seen the light of day and are rising up the popularity charts. While the higher-end editing tools showed no sign of letting up on the price front, online apps developers have struck big time and users have moved to greener pastures. One thing that can be said without a shadow of a doubt is: Where users have only limited needs, online image editing applications rule the roost.

Top online image editing apps, a staple with today’s online community, leave you with very little to choose between them. Almost all online image editing applications deliver what they promise, nothing more, nothing less. Cutting, cropping, resizing, rotating and other basic editing tools are as appealing as any other downloadable software available in the market. Although, there are five applications that I can think of, that can be labeled ‘great’ and that you could probably recommend to a friend:

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe’s offering in the online space, unlike its illustrious forefather Photoshop, quite surprisingly has the least similarity to Photoshop. Having said that, it does a good job of covering the basic editing tools, while giving the user advanced features like sketching, tinting and distortion effects. The feature that really makes Photoshop Express stand out from the rest of the best, other than its flash-based interface, is the film strip view at the bottom of the editor. This feature provides an incremental view of the changes you are making, allowing you to tweak your pictures in a breeze. Although a free application, it requires you to have an account to start using your own pictures.


Pixlr has a clean flash-based interface, feature-rich brushes and filters, and advanced photo editing features reminiscent of a standard image editing package. There is no need to register, unless you want to save and access your photos from your account online.


Although not packed with incredible features, it is the simplicity that is so endearing about Picnik. It lacks the robustness that is normally associated with software, such as Photoshop or GIMP, but is unbeatable for touching-up photos. It does not require any registration, however a free account will give you the chance to save photos online.


FotoFlexer’s tag line claims the web-based editor to be, ” the world’s most advanced online digital photo editor,” and it comes really close to fulfilling that. It boasts of a low-bandwidth consumptive interface, which sets it apart from other online image editing program. The features in filters and photo effects aren’t as advanced as that of Pixlr or Photoshop Express, but it more than makes up for the lack by its advanced options for import and export and a visual history panel.


Sumopaint offers a wide range of painting and design features and has a blend of hybrid photo art and the usual photo-tweaking capabilities. The gravity tool, in particular, can create some very amusing abstract paint effects. In addition to having most of the photo manipulation tools, it has some advanced blending and photo layering features such as drop shadow and outer glow. SumoPaint doesn’t need you to login to edit your pictures, but if you sign up you can store your pictures online and also take part in online community activities.

If your unique photo editing needs require higher-end image editing solutions like portrait restoration, image enhancement, or 360 Degree Panorama, you can either go ahead and hone your Photoshop skills or try hiring a professional in your neighborhood or at an offshore location.