Nowadays, businesses of all kinds seek new ways to expand their activity, supercharge their creativity, beat their competitors and work as efficient as possible while also maintaining their employees’ happiness. While some work from the office, other work from home and others mix these two together, achieving all of this can be a challenge.

What does this mean? It means that businesses need a new kind of online tool that actually exists in most of their offices in real life: a whiteboard. However, we’re talking now about an online whiteboard meant to connect those from the office to those from home and even across the world.

A very good example of such a tool is Miro. We came across it not long ago and we liked it from the beginning. It can be used in numerous ways and provides a lot of benefits that you may not even have taken into consideration until this very point.

Miro creates a visual perspective of your company’s needs, tasks, ideas and materials that anyone on your team can easily access online. But how can it benefit your company? Here are 5 reasons why we think you need it:

  • It brings people together: from home and the office

Given the fact that an online whiteboard is, well… online, everyone from the office can immediately connect and interact with those at home while sharing valuable insights and ideas at the same time. Meetings get an entire new perspective as every idea becomes a visual element that people can drag and drop here and there to their convenience.

Each member on the team has his name and profile setup and even colours to distinguish from one another. It makes everything very personal, just as if you were all at the office with a different marker in your hand.

Miro turns a boring meeting into an interactive, colourful and well-organized environment that cultivates ideas and proactivity.

  • It makes it easier to hold a presentation across seas

If your company has a lot of meetings with partners that are located in other countries or simply can’t meet with you in person, an online whiteboard such as Miro will save you a lot of trouble. Great ideas and difficult projects require a tool that will help them grow and achieve their full potential. You don’t need lag, lack of functionality and features to hold you in place from presenting your idea the right way.

Miro is an entire new way of holding a presentation: the numerous templates and easy-to-use elements will challenge you to create even better presentations that will impress your audience from the beginning.

With just a few clicks you can access numerous features that are ready to use at all times.

  • It allows you to move your workshops from the offline to the online, FAST

If you have different workshops or events, you may consider moving them online. Sometimes this can be difficult to achieve in a fast and efficient way, but this is exactly why tools such as Miro exist. This online whiteboard can help you digitize your workshops through ready-to-use templates that are very easy and intuitive to use.

Moreover, your audience will easily interact and connect with you, helping communication and activity open. Users can draw, insert sticky notes, place comments, create charts with literally just a click and so much more.

  • It helps everyone save time

No one has time to waste these days, so why spend hours in traffic, fly across the country or use old-fashioned methods (such as pen and paper) when you can simply open Miro on your device and ask everyone to join in.

There is nothing you can’t do with Miro: you want to hold a presentation? Open a presentation board, drag and drop your ideas and materials and you’re done. You won’t even need a graphic designer to help you clean things up as Miro does that on its own. Plus, the available templates are already looking great.

So, next time you consider going to a company for a meeting, propose them to check out Miro. You could bought save a few hours and still be efficient!

  • It helps you save money and raise efficiency

The free plan includes a lot of features and templates that you can get started with, so you’re already saving money on paper, notepads, pens, trips to other headquarters for meetings and so much more. The other plans that offer extra functionalities require a certain amount billed monthly or yearly depending on your choice. However, the fees are very affordable considering the number of features and benefits you receive and the money and time you saving while using Miro.

When it comes to raising efficiency, this online whiteboard does a great job. From the very first moment of signing in, Miro will ask you what do you want to do and allow you to pick an area you want to work in to help you get started. Choices include:

  • Ideation and Brainstorming
  • Meetings and Workshops
  • Agile Workflows
  • Mapping and Diagramming
  • Research and Design
  • Strategy and Planning

This way you get access to the templates you need in a matter of seconds, tailored to your activity.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for an online tool to raise your efficiency both as a team but also as a freelancer, Miro is for you. It brings together all the tools you need in one place and makes it easier to work, create, connect and share ideas with others. It works on all available devices, make it portable and reliable no matter what. With over 9 million users online, the Miro community keeps on growing and for all the right reasons.