When online marketing first became popular more than a decade ago, print-based shops and services were very concerned about their businesses. For a while, it looked like the online marketplace would simply dwarf the industry, running traditional marketing practices into the ground. After the initial frenzy died down, print shops began to find their place in the marketing world, and now companies are looking to combine their print and digital marketing tactics.

Research shows that print marketing can be an extremely lucrative endeavor. For every dollar spent on print advertising, companies make approximately $12 in sales. Additionally, more than half (56%) of consumers said that paper mail was their chief source of information that influenced their purchasing decisions.

Overall, the world has become so oversaturated with digital marketing that consumers barely notice advertisements anymore. There are also a variety of free ad blockers that prevent websites from showing ads at all. Because of this, sometimes it’s the print advertisements that catch the most attention and draw the eye back to a certain business.

Online companies would do well to incorporate more print advertising methods in their businesses. Here are some strategies for doing so successfully:

  1. Distribute print materials with the help of the digital.

It’s so easy to design and print product materials and advertisements today that you can do it without hiring someone. Once the product is designed, distribution can take on both digital and physical forms. Your printed booklets and coupons can be sent over email and through snail mail to reach a broader audience.

  1. Collect addresses from product purchases.

As customers make a purchase, they offer details about themselves, including their mailing addresses. After you ship their products, keep these addresses on file so you can send other advertisements, coupons, and catalogs in the future.

  1. Turn printed materials into eBooks and PDFs.

For physical businesses, it can be a challenge to make the transition to digital, and this is a great way to bridge the gap. Have your content transcribed or scanned into the computer to create PDFs and eBooks that can be shared through email and social media. It makes your content far more accessible and increases brand awareness.

  1. Create a constant presence both online and off.

By doubling your efforts, you’ll spread your business and name further. For digital marketing, you’ll want a strong social media presence on several social platforms where you can engage with customers and begin meaningful conversations. Email marketing and advertisements can also help create strong brand impressions.

Additionally, you’ll want to advertise in the physical world, printing newspaper ads, passing out flyers, advertising through signage, and more. Both forms of marketing will help you to make a more lasting impression on consumers.

  1. Advertise social media in-shop.

Inside your physical store, you can draw more attention to the online sector of your business, particularly through social media. Many stores have successfully used the tactic of offering one-time discounts for their customers who “like” their business page on Facebook or tweet their favorite experience while in their store.

These small interactions increase your digital presence and enhance your ability to connect with customers.