Twitter doesn’t have the same popularity as Facebook and Instagram, at least in terms of the numbers, but it’s still a powerful marketing tool that businesses can use. The site can boast more than 310 million active users, which is ample opportunity to find new readers and connect with potential consumers.

It’s particularly promising for small firms that are trying to bring more traffic to their sites. Twitter’s a free resource that can generate a lot of leads for very little money.

In addition, the power of Twitter to generate leads is excellent. People use it to connect with businesses and follow industry professionals more than on many other channels.

It can be even more effective than Facebook for driving leads to your company if you know how to use it. Here are some tips for gaining substantial traffic results from Twitter.

  1. Share Others’ Tweets

It’s fine to share your own insights and business success stories, but it’s better to share the tweets of others who have benefited from your products or services. For a great example of this, check out this business consultant’s Twitter page.

Sam Owens is a consultant for small firms, and he shares the happy tweets and good reviews of his clients who are thrilled about the changes he helped them make.

  1. Up Your Hashtag Game

You’re probably already using hashtags, but are you using them to direct traffic effectively to your blog? This Twitter tool is a great way to attract interest from those who have interests in common with yours.

One great tactic for bringing suitable traffic to your blog is theme-specific hashtags. These gems will promote a specific blog, landing page, contest, e-book, or product on your page. Once they’ve arrived, some of those people will go on to visit the rest of your website to see what’s new.

You can also rely on hashtags that are more generally related to your website and the topics therein. For example, if your website focuses on consulting for small businesses, you might use hashtags such as #smallbusinesssuccess or #smbgrowth so people who search for tweets on similar topics will connect with your company on both Twitter and your site.

  1. Hint at New Things

A productive strategy for driving engagement with short, provocative tweets is to hint at new things to come. Perhaps you have a new product in the works or your business is undergoing an expansion.

Leave a little hint in your Twitter feed, and promise a treat if followers will follow the link you provide to your website. This move is not only great for getting more page views, but also for encouraging high-quality visits as consumers browse your pages for the news you promised.

  1. Use Short, but Intriguing Tweets

If you’re tweeting something, it’s going to be fairly short, which can be good for compelling traffic. According to research, tweets that have fewer than 100 characters (40 below the Twitter limit) receive 21 percent more interaction.

This is only true if the tweet is well-worded and provocative, of course. For an example, look closely at Brian Clark’s page. Clark is the founder of Copyblogger, and he’s a master at using short, provocative statements to drive action on both his Twitter page and his business.

  1. Put Links in Your Bio

When you’ve generated a larger following and people are evidently appreciating your content, some of them will look in your bio for links to your site. This link will always show up when people view your profile, and it offers a golden opportunity to garner more traffic.
If you’re hoping to boost the traffic to a specific page within your site, add a link to that one beneath your homepage link in the bio. Getting more links to that page through Twitter will improve your overall search engine rankings and possibly lead to conversions.

Twitter can be an amazing resource for driving leads on your business site. Don’t overlook the usefulness of its pages and keep it constantly updated to reap the full benefits.