Your website is designed to reach customers and convert them into profitable leads. Many companies are proficient at garnering website traffic, but very few are able to effectively reach and convert these visitors into monetizable leads.

How are you doing with your own website?

Generate More Leads With These Tips

 So much work goes into developing and optimizing your website that it would be a shame if you left conversions on the table simply because you didn’t make some simple tweaks.

Here are a handful of valuable tips for generating more leads with your existing website:

1. Present Free Offers

For centuries, free offers have been used by businesses to drum up interest and engage first time sales prospects. Have you considered presenting your website visitors with a free offer?

“Sure, no one wants to give their services away for free, but offering free consultations encourages Leads to contact you or fill out your web form for more information,” says Lynda Byrne, content and communications manager at Method. “Consultations are an important part of developing a relationship with your Lead, and that relationship is vital to the potential customer who is putting their money and their trust in your hands.”

A free offer could be a product sample, complimentary consultation, free month of service, an eBook, or anything in between. Identify something that your target market considers valuable and try it out.

2. Develop Targeted Content

How specific is your content? In order to generate more leads, you may need to narrow the scope of your content down and focus on the highest returning niche of your target market. Relevant content is one of the key drivers of conversions and you can’t afford to produce general copy that attempts to reach everyone.

3. Include Multiple Contact Methods

One of the biggest mistakes marketers make when developing landing pages or product pages that are designed to move prospects to action is failing to provide adequate contact options. This is an egregious error that has a dramatic effect on conversion rates.

Instead of offering one contact method, you should be offering two, three, or even four. Think about it, the more methods you present, the more likely it is that the prospect will be comfortable with one of them and follow through. Contact methods include phone numbers, email addresses, live chats, and in-person meetings.

4. Incorporate Social Proof

People love to know that their peers approve of a product or service prior to purchasing it themselves. In order to maximize the value of every lead you encounter, social proof should be a key component of your web design and page structure.

Some of the different types of social proof include statistics and data points, reviews, customer logos, case studies, and media mentions. The more elements of social proof you can include, the better.

5. Use Optimized Conversion Forms

Conversion forms are great, but they need to be properly optimized in order to ensure you’re obtaining as many leads as possible. Make sure you keep the number of fields to a minimum (ideally just two or three inputs) and focus on using the right call-to-action. A/B split testing in the beginning stages should point you in the right direction.

Maximize the Value of Your Website

Your website is a valuable piece of virtual real estate. If you aren’t continually optimizing it to maximize leads and generate more customers, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to grow. Always be on the lookout for new changes and trends and don’t be afraid to mix things up every now and then.

When it comes to lead generation, change is a good thing.