Giving LinkedIn a bigger role on your website can do a lot of great things for your business. LinkedIn is the most professional of the social networks, and you should use it to raise the credibility of your site as well as extend the reach of your brand.

Currently, more than 187 million members interact regularly on this networking site, partly because it offers huge potential for attracting customers and clients, particularly from a B2B perspective. This is a great way to share industry insights, post job opportunities, network, and foster brand appreciation.

Not many companies know how to incorporate this far-reaching platform into their own site, however. If you’re interested in the growth benefits that LinkedIn can provide, then you should connect your website to your LinkedIn page as soon as possible.

There is more than one way to achieve this outcome. Here’s how.

  1. Add Buttons

There are several LinkedIn buttons that can benefit your website. The most useful plugins are the following:

  • Share: This button can go on any blog posts, technical product guides, news articles, or other pages that feature useful content to encourage users to share the information easily on their LinkedIn page.
  • Recommend: This button enables customers to recommend your products, services, or content to others.
  • Follow Company: In the same way, consumers can follow people on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram, the follow button enables your fans to follow your website without having to leave your site to do so.
  • Apply: When posting job openings, users can open the application by clicking a button on your website that will take them to the LinkedIn application.
  1. Post Job Openings on LinkedIn

As mentioned above, it’s easy to allow users to get access to job openings from your website through LinkedIn’s platform. In your job section, make sure there is the option to go straight to LinkedIn from your webpage to reduce the number of steps an applicant must take.

For example, Park West Gallery, one of the largest privately-owned art galleries in the world, includes its job postings for auctioneers, production managers, writers, and other positions on its LinkedIn page as well as its primary website. It’s a great way for the gallery to recruit more people to their extensive team.

  1. Improve Your Company Profile

This will serve as your virtual business card: it informs visitors all about your company’s purpose and what it stands for. A great profile is one that is fully completed and includes information about your location, website, other social networks; as well as a brief description of your firm, its size, and the company logo. This is also where you’ll display your Follow button and links to your website and other social profiles.

  1. Interact with the Community

Website and LinkedIn visitors can benefit from the same lead-generation tactics. Getting endorsements, being introduced to prospects, networking, and taking advantage of LinkedIn groups can all help your business flourish. Small community interactions like these increase the quality score of your website and show users that you take pride and invest in your business.

  1. Offer a LinkedIn Sign-in

A lot of company websites offer to sign-in with Facebook. Adding a sign-in button through LinkedIn will make things even easier and more enticing for web visitors.

This has become the preferred approach among some of the most professional sites or those that specialize in B2B. It enables consumers to sign in or register on your site with a single click and without giving away information that’s apt to be made public.

This option is also particularly useful for career-oriented websites that need the functionality of LinkedIn to generate leads. It can act as a data collection service that helps to raise the clout of your site.

  1. Publish on LinkedIn’s Blog

If you’re doing your business website the right way, chances are you have a blog. The content published there can also be posted to LinkedIn, where it may reach a far greater audience. Connecting your website’s blog to LinkedIn publications is an excellent way to showcase your knowledge and credibility and expand the reach of your site.