Monetizing a blog is a dream for many who enjoy writing and working from home. Very successful bloggers can see more than $10,000 a month in earnings from their efforts. However, this only makes up four percent of the blogging community. The vast majority make less than $100 per month from their blogging efforts.

These statistics shouldn’t discourage you from creating and monetizing a blog. There are always ways that you can improve your revenue, but it requires effort and consistency. You’ll need a plan that involves understanding the free market, a unique selling platform, an excellent business plan, and a determination that won’t leave you hopeless when mistakes occur.

If you want to make more money from your blog, here are some tips that can get you there.

  1. Sell New Products

One of the primary ways people make money blogging is by selling products. If you’re seeing stagnation in your sales, the problem is likely tired inventory. One problem could be that you’re selling the exact same products other sites are selling. Another common issue is taking too long to introduce new inventory. Take stock of what you have and consider some new product avenues that can breathe some life into an old store.

  1. Outsource Sales to Third-Party Sites

Selling products on a blog is a great way to make money, but sometimes your readership isn’t enough to generate the sales you want. Outsourcing to third party sites is ideal for getting products noticed by a bigger audience and bringing more attention to your blog. A lot of bloggers start selling on Amazon since it’s such a large online marketplace. Etsy and Shopify are also popular third-party options for bloggers.

  1. Offer Paid Services

If there’s a service that goes along with your niche that people will pay for, sell it on your blog. For example, if your blog is all about home décor and interior design, offer virtual consultation services for a nominal fee.

  1. Sell Advertising Slots

Once your blog reaches a certain number of followers (usually more than 5,000), you’ll begin to attract advertisers. You can sell slots on your website for ads. The initial payments will be small-maybe $50 per month for a single slot. But as you grow your readership, advertisers will pay much more. Some top blogs see $5,000 per month from a single advertising slot!

  1. Write an eBook

The fact that you crafted a lengthy piece of content is very impressive to most readers. It gives you a little more credibility and can benefit your reputation. Most readers like eBooks because they’re usually very cheap (less than $5 per download). It’s not much, but if you sell 50 per month, that’s a decent profit. You’ll get 100 percent of the profits for the hard work you invested – and if it’s a quality book, it will help you retain readers and gain even more.

  1. Focus on the Content and Readers

Sometimes blogs have a difficult time making money simply because the quality of the blog is too low to attract readers. Bloggers often don’t consider the needs of their target audience, which creates a harmful disconnect in the performance of the content. If you want to build a blog that will attract advertisements and followers, quality and consumer connection should be priorities.

  1. Affiliate Links

This refers to a link building opportunity in which another company will pay you to feature their link in your blog. When consumers click on the link and make a purchase, you’ll receive a cut of the profits.

Using affiliate links is a great way to make money, but you need an appropriate strategy. Stuffing your blog posts full of these links is a great way to lower the quality of a blog post. The links should be used naturally, and the blog post should prove that you really believe in the link you’re promoting. That’s the best way to get conversions through the link while also maintaining the credibility of your blog.

  1. Paid Gigs

Writing, advertising, and selling products aren’t the only ways you can make money from your blog. Oftentimes, you can find paid gigs from head hunters who will pay for your unique skillset. For example, you could be asked to speak at a convention or review an event relevant to your niche. These opportunities provide excellent publicity and credibility to your blog along with offering some extra cash.

Take advantage of these opportunities whenever possible!