Time is money and as a result every businessman or businesswoman would love to find certain ways that will allow them to save their precious time. Now, thanks to Acuity Scheduling you will be able to focus your entire attention on improving your business, because this great software will be in charge of managing your time and clients by providing you online appointment booking. So, if this matter bothered you the most in your business, now you can relax and take care of more important aspects, because from now on your clients will schedule their own appointments.

Anyway, before purchasing this appointment scheduling software you are certainly interested in finding out more about the way it works. Well, as you are about to see this isn’t a difficult process. All you’ll have to do is to state the type of appointments that you will provide, to create the custom intake forms and to set your time zone and your scheduling availability.

The rest is on your clients. They will have to link to your appointment booking page from any website, to choose the type of the appointment, the date and the time to book. And last, they will have to complete your forms and pay in advance for your appointments. Oh, and another thing that this software will do for both of you is to send you confirmation email and reminders before the meetings.

And this is not all. This appointment booking software is equipped with several other features. For instance, it is able to provide group appointments for class scheduling online or to manage multiple locations, employees and schedules from one location. Besides that it has a 2 way sync with Google, recurring appointments and classes, calendar syncing, automatic time zone conversions and SMS reminders and notifications. But, if you desire to benefit from all these features, you will have to pay more, which leads us to pricing information.

Well, as far as this aspect is concerned, you have three variants. You may go for the free edition, which will be free for your entire life and besides that it has a single schedule and a limited customization. If you desire more than that, you could opt for the professional edition, which will cost you $10 per month. Anyway, you should know that for this money you will benefit from a single location/staff, recurring appointments and classes, calendar syncing and automatic time zone conversion.

And the third variant is the premium edition, which is $19 per month. If you are interested in its features, you should know that besides the professional version it has unlimited locations/staff and SMS reminders and notifications. So, analyze your budget and see what version would suit your business the best. Anyway, you should know that these editions have a free 14 days trial, which you can upgrade or cancel whenever you desire.

So, this is what Acuity Scheduling has to offer to you: great prices, website integration, online client booking, 24/7; client management, mobile support, and the list may go on.