Do you like to stay on top of the latest trends? This doesn’t just have to be your wardrobe but can also extend to your home decor. You may be thinking it’s too early to start embracing next year’s trends, but who doesn’t love being at the forefront of the latest trends?

To help you transform your outdated decor into a stylish living space, you should take a look at the following decor trends which are set to take over in 2020.

Minimal and monochrome

Those with a simplistic design will be happy to know that the minimalist trend is here to stay. However, in 2020 it has a little twist with the incorporation of monochrome designs and brighter colours. Interior designers are pushing for loud accent walls alongside played-down furnishings, although you may want to start off small with some monochromatic art.

Companies like RW Invest are already ahead with their off-plan developments, as designs are kept simple with complimentary neutral palettes paired with strong blue and green hues. Take a look at some of their CGI-designs for inspiration, here you will find future-looking modern apartments with touches of both minimalism and luxury.

Fresh pastels

Another massive design trend for 2020 is pastel colours, with a particular focus on the IT colour known as neo mint. This is just as effective if not more than the popular millennial pink or ultraviolet which was featured on everybody’s Pinterest boards, although now they are covered in a refreshing mint colour. Those in the know have projected this trend to really come to life in spring and summer next year, as it creates the feel of a fresh greenspace without the dying plants.

There are many ways you can inject this refreshing colour to your home without breaking the bank, for example, if you can get your hands on the paint colour then you could change up the colour on a bedroom dresser or a Geometric wall if you dare. For those who prefer an understated look, you could purchase mint-coloured bedding or ornaments which will make a simple-looking room look chic. 

Mood lighting

One way you can improve the look of your home in 2020 is by embracing mood lighting, which will transform a dull space into anything you want. It can be used to highlight artwork or a specific wall, making your property appear more high-end, which will undoubtedly impress any guests you invite over. The best way to do this is by investing in a high-quality dimming kit, which can help you create the right ambience for a dinner date or a night in with friends.

This is also ideal for practical reasons, especially for all you freelancers who work from home, as having the right amount of light will ensure you remain productive and achieve success. By investing in intelligent dimmers, you can schedule It alongside your alarm so you don’t sleep in a miss any deadlines. A dimmer in your home office will enable you to concentrate, which is especially important when working remotely, as there are so many distractions. It is also a great way of enhancing your home office decor, as it will make it a more comfortable space.