If you are planning on hosting a new WordPress website or moving existing one to a better hosting server, then you should consider the A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting plan. This is the best hosting plan available for WordPress hosting has it provide adequate and relevant hosting resources needed to maximize WordPress performance.

What is Managed WordPress hosting?

There are general hosting plans that could work for WordPress, but is this particular hosting plan is tailored to WordPress need. Furthermore, Managed WordPress Hosting takes care of the technical aspects of managing a WordPress website. This leaves more time for the site owners to generate quality contents for their websites.

Why is Managed WordPress hosting is right for you?

For a beginner, you won’t have to worry about the technical aspect. It even works well for people with zero developing skill. For experts, some tools and features boost productivity. For website owners that have less time to manage their websites, this is the right choice because there will be fewer tasks to worry about. In short; Managed WordPress hosting is right for everyone that runs a WordPress website.

What level of support does Managed WordPress hosting offers?

From pre-installed necessary components to automatic relevant operations, Managed WordPress hosting has got everything covered. The hosting plan only leaves you to essential tasks such as content generation, user management, etc.

Why is Managed WordPress hosting faster?

Many things have been put in place to boost server speed; SSD storage, for example. The solid-state drive has no mechanical moving parts and has been known to process file requests faster than HDD. CDN (Content Delivery Network) also deliver scripts readily to a webpage for faster page loading. Photon from the Jetpack plugin loads images on web pages faster than texts. These are a few of the many factors that make Managed WordPress hosting extraordinarily fast.

What level of control will you have over your website?

You will have all the control you need. A2hosting only manages aspects that are bit technical, but you may decide to tend to this aspect yourself as well.. Also, you have full control over your emails server, database and website files.

What other features does Managed WordPress hosting have?

The A2hosting Managed WordPress hosting has 3 different plans, and they all have the same features except storage space and the number of WordPress website that each of them can host. Here are detailed features:

  • Sufficient storage space; sufficient in the sense that storage space allocated to each plan is perfectly suitable for it. For example, 10GB allocated to 1-site plan is more than enough to cater for a single WordPress website. 25GB for the 3-sites plan should comfortably accommodate 3 WordPress websites. And 40GB will work for multiple WordPress websites greater than 3.
  • Turbo speed; 20X faster is a big deal especially in this time of high competition. A website with this speed will be people’s choice among similar websites.
  • Jetpack personal license; the developer of WordPress themselves develops Jetpack license; Jetpack, so it is equipped with many other features that can bring out the best in a WordPress website. But anyone willing to use this plugin must purchase the license. A2hosting Managed WordPress hosting offers the license free of charge.
  • Free SSL, CDN, SSD; as mentioned earlier, CDN and SSD enhance website speed. SSL provides additional security and credibility on a website.
  • Automatic backups; part of ‘managed’ features of this hosting plan. You need not to worry about backing up your website manually. Instead, set the preferred interval you want your website backed up.
  • Automatic updates; you also not worry about updating your website version when a new version is available. These automatic updating processes cover Even WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Powered by Plesk; the famous Plesk control panel powers A2hosting Managed WordPress hosting plan.
  • Site staging; you can test new components or features in the background without affecting your live website.
  • Money-back guarantee; with the awesomeness of this hosting plan, you might still have a valid reason of not using it after purchasing. You can always have your money back.

If you are convinced enough, head over to https://www.a2hosting.com/wordpress-hosting/managed to purchase any of the A2hosting Managed Hosting plans.