When it comes to SaaS products for content marketing, Uberflip is certainly a strong player. It is a content marketing and digital publishing software provider. It offers companies the tools they need to convert their documents into engaging page turn experiences.

It all starts with a plain old PDF. Uberflip takes that file and converts it into an interactive page turn experience available on most of today’s popular devices. The content will look like an app, but it will actually be accessed through the browser via a single URL.

Enhancements and Branding

You also have the option to enhance your flipbook with videos, links, animations, etc. It goes without saying that in the end your audience could be more engaged than with a static document.

Uberflip is aware of the importance of social media, therefore you are able to place your social widgets besides your page flip document or on any of its internal pages.

In terms of branding and customization, Uberflip gives you the ability to brand every aspect, from the background image to the flipbook’s navigation toolbar. Advanced branding features are available to Pro accounts.


With Uberflip Metrics, you’re able to get detailed statistics concerning the pages that are being read the most. And last but not least, you will benefit from great support and you will have access to their one-on-one phone support representatives.

If you’re interested in Uberflip’s features, there’s different pricing options to consider. The Starter Pack ($29.95 per month) includes most of the basic features: the ability to upload 5 documents per month, multimedia embeds, links, mobile platform, etc. As a Pro $199 customer, you’d would enjoy Uberflip’s advanced branding and distribution features, including the option to use a custom publishing domain, geo-targeted content and native video.

If you’re still not sure about the value of this service, feel free to try it at no cost for 14 days. Just visit www.uberflip.com and fill out the trial form.