With outstanding fan followers and incredible user database, FaceBook is one of the best social media sites making sensation all around the globe. Connecting with multiple personalities and different kinds people gives one wide idea over various things enabling them acquire rich knowledge. When it comes to business, that too ecommerce-based business, the taking your products and services to larger customer base is a daunting task and it is not possible, regardless your business being connected with social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, etc. It is the reason why most apps development companies concentrate on developing out-of-this-world FaceBook apps.

Internet marketing is gaining momentum rapidly, and it becomes necessary for ecommerce-based businesses to add social media apps to their websites to enhance their businesses and to multiply profits.

A few mind-blowing features of connecting a FaceBook app to your Magento-based online store:

  • Simple to use and connect with your site
  • Allows creating your own store in the FaceBook page
  • Permits to display unlimited products and services
  • Enables user to purchase products directly from the owners’ sites
  • Enables you to experience a complete shopping while staying on FaceBook accounts
  • Increases customer database
  • Updates on new products listed in FaceBook apps home page
  • 100% Speed and performance
  • Product display in Grid or List view
  • Ability to track orders within FaceBook accounts
  • Permits to choose any kind of Payment Gateway for your site
  • 100% Control over products display

Some of the powerful FaceBook social media plugins that would improve your business enormously and places to download them are listed below.

1. Apptha – Facebook Ecommerce Store

One of the best places to download your Magento FaceBook App. The high-quality interactive
FaceBook app with multi-utilities offered by apptha.com is a wonderful choice for any business
person. Download this excellent product and connect with millions of users to gain popularity for your business. Create your shopping cart in FaceBook using this powerful plugin and increase your profits by multiple-folds.

2. Magento Facebook Shop Publisher

With powerful features, this plugin connected to your Magento site converts the products and catalog in a minute to the FaceBook. Excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. Download this invaluable plugin from the site.

3. Facebook Store Application

With features like cross-sharing platforms, one click inventory import, and no coding, Facebook Store application is an excellent choice for someone who looks to take their business on a wide basis. Download this incredible product from the site.

4. Facebook Shopping Cart

Promote your store and products directly and quickly among your Facebook friends using this
outstanding application. Monitor the order details and products purchased from the auto-generated post on the page once a purchase is made. Download this exciting software from the site.

5. Facebook Shopping App

Integrates your product with the facebook account in a swift way and promotes your products directly. Easy-to-use and customized options are some of the features of this reliable application. Download this application from the site.

6. Storenvy – Magento Facebook

Best plugin to bring your products to display in front of thousands of customers and friends in social media site Facebook. With power-packed features, this is one of the widely preferred plugins of all-time. Download this simple and easy-to-use plugin from the site.

7. Zebra Facebook App

Bring your product to the Facebook platform effortlessly. Work within your Facebook on utilizing some of the cool themes available with this plugin. Incredible plugin with outstanding features. Download this plugin from the site.

8. Facebook Store Module

A feature-rich application capable of taking your business to a great extent via Facebook. Best selling plugin of all-time. Download this incredible plugin from the site.

9. ShopTab App

One of the widely preferred apps for improving clientele and business among social media users. With unlimited facebook fan support to online technical support, this is one of the best plugins for your business. Download this precious application from the site.

10. Vendor Shop Social

Yet another powerful plugin that allows users to promote your products socially and features an aggressive merchandizing tool for improving your business. Download this fantastic plugin from the site.

These are some of the useful FaceBook plugins that are best suited and functions well for
Magento-based ecommerce platforms. Implementing these products in your website would
maximize your chances on connecting with your customers and reaping rich benefits.

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