So, you want to purchase a new laptop. By now, you should know the benefits of having a laptop over a desktop. But which one would you go for?

Would you go for the mini laptop? Maybe you opt for the medium-size 15-inch laptop. Better yet, maybe you prefer going for the large screen laptops (17-inch). But which is the best? Some people would go for the medium-size while others would go for the mini laptops. However, a few would go for the big-screen laptops. So the question is, are the big screen laptops still popular? Should you buy them?

We will be discussing that in this article, so let’s get on with it.

The Pluses of a Plus-Size Screen Laptop

A big-screen laptop comes with many advantages, and they include the following:

  • Increased Productivity

You know the saying; ‘bigger is better’, and that applies to the laptop screens. Some people prefer a bigger laptop screen because it lets them do more with their projects. With a big screen, you can have different items displayed all at once. You can display your games, documents, media, and other content all at once on the screen.

Today, people want to use machines that can multitask. When you have a large screen, you can either split the screen or have all the different items displayed simultaneously on the screen. This doesn’t only help you to be more productive, but it also helps to save you time.

Performing side-by-side tasks on a standard screen would be impossible. You may also not be able to view two documents at once with the standard screen, which can be tricky. The large screen lets you watch media in separate windows without any problem.

A large screen won’t require you to constantly switch between tabs and sift through different programs. The screen allows you to arrange the windows on your screen to view everything effortlessly.

Creative professionals like graphic designers, photo editors, video editors, architects, and animators all enjoy working with a big screen. The large screen gives them a better workspace. Even if you deal with data sets and spreadsheets, you will get the chance of enjoying the multiple streams of information simultaneously.

Even students in schools will have an easy time working with the large screen laptop. They can have their reference document open on one side and MSWord open on the other side of the screen. This way, they will easily read the research document and write their findings with ease.

  • Maximum resolution achieved

Generally, a big screen will have a higher resolution. If you are the type of person that is looking for a screen with high image quality, you will need to be specific with your choices. In this case, a large screen will most probably offer you high-quality images. Most of the large screen laptops out there can display a high number of pixels than the small screen laptops.

Obviously, more pixels also mean that the images will be sharper and better looking than those on a smaller laptop. In other words, it gives you an easy time to work on your project and achieve better results.

Even if you are watching a movie or any video on the large screen laptop, it will offer you a better experience compared to the small size laptops.

Most of the big-screen laptops deliver Full HD (1080p) images, which is very elegant. One of the best big-screen laptops out there is the HP 17.3 laptop. This laptop comes with the impressive HD graphics, along with 1600x900p resolution. You can be sure of enjoying the excellent image quality on this laptop.

If you are planning to buy this laptop, ensure that you go through a hp 17.3 laptop review and do the needed comparison before you settle for one.

By the way, notice that this one comes with a 17.3 diagonal display screen size. This laptop would definitely suit you if you prefer bigger screens.

All in all, bigger screens offer clearer images that will reduce the strain and noise in images and videos.

  • No need for external monitors

For those that use a small-screen laptop, they choose to cast the laptop to a bigger screen, usually a TV, via an HDMI or VGA cable. In this case, you can enjoy the bigger screen while accessing the content on your laptop. But the problem is that the resolution will not match, which might not be proportional.

But you don’t have to hook up your laptop to a different screen when you have a big-screen laptop. With such a screen, you can comfortably view content on the screen without straining your eyes.

  • Entertainment Galore

For the creative professionals that render 3D images, the maximum resolution is paramount. However, it is not always about professional work. These large screens are also beneficial for those that are getting the laptop for entertainment.

With that large screen, you can enjoy a lot of things. If you want to watch movies and TV Shows, the screen will be there to give you the best experience. For those that are buying the laptop for gaming purposes, you can be sure of incredible entertainment. You can even scroll your social media platforms swiftly and have a real-time experience. Nothing will stop you from enjoying the display offered by these types of laptops; both in terms of size and resolution.

Who Should Buy a Big-Screen Laptop?

Generally, there is no binding rule as to who can buy these large-screen laptops and who can’t. However, it depends on your priorities. Why would you need the big-screen laptop in the first place? Do you need it for creative projects? Maybe you want one for gaming or just entertainment? Generally, creative professionals like graphic designers, animators, architects, video editors, programmers, and other IT experts would be the perfect candidate for a big-screen laptop. But also, it would suit you if you want a gaming laptop or if you prioritize graphics and the image quality, then you should go for a big-screen laptop. Generally, it is all about what you need and how often you will be using the laptop.

All in all, you must have a strategy of finding the perfect laptop for your needs. Follow this buying guide to help you find the best laptop for you.