When you are working on a new product or service, the ideal way to promote it is via broadcast. What you can do is create a live streaming event and then share it publicly later. The content you share is important.

The video conferencing equipment that you use should be high-quality. This is to ensure that the information comes across clearly and without lag. It will also help to improve audio and visual quality.

Use the tips below to create and broadcast your video presentation that is sure to land some long term clients.

Composing the Presentation

As you compose the video presentation, it is ideal to create an outline. This step organizes you for the development stages. If you follow the outline exactly, you will have a well thought out presentation.

Within the timeline or outline you should include:

  • Reason for product development
  • The beta testing process
  • How the product works
  • Why it is essential for your client
  • Use specific usage examples pertinent to their specific business
  • Make the presentation available via social media

Your presentation needs to answer the who, what, where, when, why and how of the product.

Choosing the Right Broadcasting Platform

There are two main platforms to choose from, Google Hangouts and YouTube. Of course, there are other avenues to share a video presentation on, but these two are the best for keeping the content available.

With a Google Hangout, you can set the presentation to post directly to YouTube, a website, social media pages and to others on Google+. Essentially, this platform is the most versatile and is a well-respected option.

YouTube is another good platform as you can gather more shares and views just by users searching with keywords. You can also post a link to the video presentation on other social media outlets. Once viewed, more shares via personal social media buttons are likely.

Editing for Broadcasting

When you edit the video presentation, you want to make sure that the edits do not seem abrupt. This means that the portions that are taken out need to mesh with previous and following content. It needs to look like a natural transition.

Most new computers have editing programs in them, but here are others that are available online for free. These programs are easy to use and most come with a tutorial or detailed instructions.

When using editing software for the first time, choose a video that is not of significant importance first. You do not want to make mistakes by cutting out necessary parts of the presentation.

Sharing the Presentation Online

When you are ready to share the video, view the content first. This will help you to see that the video is properly formatted and that all of the content is there. If there are any rocky parts, you can take the time to add in content before broadcasting.

Share the video presentation via Google+, Google Hangout, LinkedIn, YouTube and other vital social media outlets. Also ensure that the video is on the home page of your website or blog. The more you make it available, the more views it will get. This leads to more revenues.

Online reputations and how you appeal to the general public is important for your product development. This is a personal interaction between you and customers. While it is not a face-to-face meeting, it is as close as you can get.

Allow for comments to be posted on some social media outlets. You should also allow for contact to be made via web form. Maintaining a presence and communicating with clients and consumers is important for the success of your product or service.