Everybody has been telling you that you must have a website for your business but the problem is that you have little coding skills as you skipped all those computer lessons in your college. Hiring a designer is just too costly and your budget doesn’t allow that. Now what to do? IM Creator is your answer.

IM Creator is an online website maker which enables even those who have little or no coding skills to create high quality websites for free. Although you can avail extra features by making a purchase but that’s not compulsory.

IM Creator offers two options to build a website. One is to choose a pre-designed beautiful template and then customize it by substituting the images and text with your own material. This is one of the easiest ways to build a website and this method is not too different from the method provided by Blogger and WordPress to build blogs. The second option is to design your site from scratch. If you choose this method then a white screen will appear and the header will contain too many different types of apps which you can plug-in on the screen at any position you like. This method enables you complete freedom in designing your site.

Both these methods have drag and drop facility which will allow even a child to design websites.

The websites thus created are completely compatible-HTML based websites. IM Creator employs cutting edge technologies such as jQuery to make the site friendly to PCs, Macs, tablets, mobile phones and even older browsers.

I have mentioned earlier that you can avail extra opportunities by making a purchase. Below I discuss some of these extra features in more details.

Domain name – A standard domain name is something like www.MyGreatSite.com and not something like www.MyGreatSite.WordPress.com. This latter style of domain names are too long and cumbersome for your readers to remember and also some ad companies require that you must have your standard domain name before you apply to their program. When you make a purchase at IM Creator, you will get your own standard domain name. Alternatively if you already possess a standard domain name then you can connect your IM Creator site with that name.

Unlimited space and bandwidth – After making the purchase you will get unlimited online storage space which means you can upload as many files as you like without ever exceeding any limits. Unlimited bandwidth means that your website will never crash no matter how much traffic comes to your site.

20 Email accounts via Google Apps – When you have bought a new domain then why stay stuck with your old email? If you are a paid customer then you can avail standard email ids like MyName@MyGreatSite.com and not something like MyName@Gmail.com or MyName@Yahoo.com.  You will get up to 20 such email accounts so that not only you but the workers under you also have standard email ids to give a professional look to your brand.

I hope you liked this discussion of IM Creator. Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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