It is common for companies to invite quotes or proposals when they want to get some new work done. Obviously many companies apply to such advertisements by submitting the appropriate quotations. If you too are a freelance contractor searching to bag a new contract then it is important for you to make your business proposal stand out of the crowd.

How? By using a proposal software to ease the load.Today we’re looking at one such software: Quote Roller.

Quote Roller is an online company which sets out to help you make quality proposals with ease. The company was established in 2011 with the intention of converting quotes from the often boring Microsoft Word into elegant, dynamic, and efficient business proposals. Using a software like Quote Roller eliminates your need to hire a content writer.

Saving you this time and money, Quote Roller has already designed custom templates with appropriate text that you can use, editing to your liking. You will just have to replace the contractor’s (your) and receiver’s names and some other details and voila. They have a library of dozens of templates for different business owners. The list varies from a event management proposal template to a wedding planning one, from a solar panel installation template to a catering proposal, from lease proposal template to.. you get the picture. See the image above.

For example, take a look at the graphic proposal template. The template provides you with four pre-made text pages. The text has been written carefully so that it will be suitable for any graphic design team, but you can still edit it as you see fit and insert samples of your own work.

If you want to edit some other things besides the names of the companies, or if you want to modify the overall look of the quote by, say, adding your price table, video or simply more text, you are free to do even that without needing any coding skills. Thanks to Quote Roller’s drag and drop feature. See the image above.

This feature, in fact, allows you to create your own templates from scratch too. You can also still use HTML coding if you want.

Quote Roller also provides you with in-proposal analytics. This means that they will keep a close track on when was your template viewed, which areas of your template were looked at for longer times, which were merely skimmed through, and so forth. In short, Quote Roller gives you access to those statistics which will reveal to you exactly what actions your clients are taking while going through your quotation.

Quote Roller provides three types of different plans with different pricings: $14.99, $19.99, and $29.99. Each price is for per person per month.

And we can offer you a special 6-week Quote Roller trial with our special code “LOVETHYDESIGNER”. So go ahead and check them out and let me know what you think in the comments section below.