Often, when a potential customer looks at your marketing collateral, be it online, or traditional, you have about one or two seconds to make an impression. Mere words cannot help you in these rapidly changing times, where attention spans are falling every few years. This is where design becomes an integral part of your marketing campaign.

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All of us have heard that design communicates a brand. Of course, brand design is not the only thing that serves that purpose, but it is one of those things that you, or more specifically, your marketing strategy cannot do without. In fact, 48% people cited that a website’s design is the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business. Another study suggested that 38% people will stop interacting with a brand because of poor design on their website. (Link) If these statistics haven’t convinced you about the importance of design for your brand, here are a few things that might do the trick:


The most successful marketing campaigns are the ones that stand out. And while it might be true that your marketing pitch and strategy are ones that WILL stand out once they get noticed, the first step is to get noticed. A unique design communicates much more than what words can, and a good design improves credibility.

Once the potential audience is intrigued by a design, they will automatically want to know more. That is when your skilfully designed marketing strategy comes into play. But to get conversions, you need people to notice you, and nothing garners attention better that a great design.


Most of us fail to appreciate how psychologically compelling a good design can be. If you are talking conversions, it is obvious that you need a well crafted pitch and even more carefully crafted message. As effective as both of the things are, a marketing strategy that incorporates smart graphic designs is like a marketing strategy on steroids, and it will perform like one.

Copywriting, a valuable proposition, and an overall effective marketing strategy are what make the sale. But if you are looking for a constant stream of conversions (who isn’t?), you need a certain level of clarity and uniqueness integrated into your marketing strategy, and a good design is sure to help you get there.


A good design promotes your business objectives and brand recognition. Every company/brand aims to provide their customers something of value. Good graphic design does that and more, it helps your target audience identify with your brand and enhance the brand recall value, especially at the time of the purchase.

But this strategy can easily backfire if the marketers are not careful with their design. Inefficient design tends to confuse people, and the last thing you want as a marketer is your audiences to be unsure about your brand. So before you decide on a design, or even start making drafts, understand your brand, objective and target group and act accordingly.


The takeaway here is that design, or more importantly a good design that resonates with your brand identity and promotes business objective is imperative for your marketing strategy to perform the way it should. You can check out how to make effective designs here.

Your design will not bring about the desired change if it is not made with a strategy in mind and does not resonate with your audience and brand identity. So before making any decisions about design, make sure you do a lot of research about your audience and brainstorm a plethora of ideas about the message you want your design to communicate.