Technology is growing even more prevalent in our everyday lives. We read our news online. We connect with family online. We are even buying more online. With all this growth and development, is your company trailing behind? Here are a few ways you can grow your organization digitally.

App Development

As smartphone users, we are constantly downloading apps we deem helpful. Forecasts show that by the end of 2017, almost 200 billion mobile apps will have been downloaded. With statistics like these, it can be hard to get ahead of the crowd. New technologies such as virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) can give a leg up, but it may be hard to find a use for them outside of the realm of video gaming. That is where creativity comes in. For instance, one augmented reality app developer in Melbourne, Australia, for example, has found a way of incorporating AR into an app for a major airline to simplify the airport experience for international travelers. It may be time to think out of the box and see how these emerging technologies can work for you.

Mobile User Interface

It isn’t just mobile apps that can help you grow revenue for your business. When was the last time you checked your company’s website? Don’t let poor user experience or an outdated interface scare customers away! By the end of 2017, 2 billion transactions will take place on smart phones. If your e-commerce site isn’t user-friendly on their smart phone or tablet, you could be missing out on significant revenue. Even if you are not a retailer, you can expect to see similar setbacks if your website doesn’t translate fluidly to these other devices. When customers can have any business pulled up in their hand within seconds, you want to be sure yours is up to the game and winning them over no matter where they are with a modern, comfortable website.


Social media takes the cake in connecting online. Are you taking advantage of it with your business? Take a look at Cinnabon. When they joined Snapchat, they gained 2000 followers within a couple of days. Consistent engagement with your audience and promotions on social media could be the boost your company needs. This is also an exceptional way to get to know who your target audience is and how you can adapt to be the perfect fit for them. You will build better relationships with them and watch your revenue grow.

Build Your Brand

All the previous examples are great, but none of them will work if you don’t have a vibrant brand for your company. What is your business? What does it stand for? You’ll want to keep these things in mind when establishing yourself digitally. Great branding builds loyalty and confidence with your customers. Consider Amazon’s staggering success: customers keep coming back because they know what to expect, and the quality of service it provides them. Your company needs to be just as dependable for those you serve. You want to build a relationship with them. This will keep them coming back and recommending you to others. What steps do you need to take to create the perfect brand for your company?

These are just a few ways you can digitally boost your company. No one can see the future, but you want to be primed for success in today’s techno-centric world. To do that, you want to be ready to adapt and grow in all ways possible, so you don’t fall behind in this new digital age.