If you believe that Instagram is just for selfies and food shots, then you are sorely mistaken. It is a platform for sharing enticing images and videos to get your targeted audience engaged. It is a prime platform that gives you an opportunity to voice your brand online. It is a worthwhile marketing tool for any business and allows it to exceed in the realm of online presence. But crafting an effective Instagram marketing strategy is still mystifying. Creating an authentic feed that grows continually comes with its own set of rules for businesses.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts for business to maximize their Instagram presence:

The Do’s

  • A great bio:

Your Instagram profile should better be able to tell who you are and what your brand is all about. When the users click on your profile, they do not want to read the whole page intro. Make your bio short and concise. Add your website URL in your bio if you want your potential customers to buy your products. Always make it easy for searchers to reach out.

  • Use filters:

Use filters consistently for your Instagram pictures. Use bright and vibrant imagery, but if it does not fit the tone of your brand, there is no need to force it.

  • Showcase company culture:

Instagram is not like other Social Media platforms that are all business, no fun. Potential B2B buyers always want to see the face on the other end, and Instagram is one of the platforms that provide an opportunity to do so. You can showcase your company culture on Instagram by uploading behind the scene stories.

  • Use DMs to build relationships:

Though you can overlook the DMs on Instagram, it can be a great way to build relationships and boost customer support. Those who get 1 or 2 responses for every 50 DMs you send consider yourself lucky. The direct connection with users/potential buyers is of utmost importance. They expect to get a response from the brand within one hour of sending messages. Using Instagram DMs will help you to get in contact if you buy real Instagram followers in real time.

  • Audience engagement:

Rather than an automated account make your brand personable. It is crucial to keep your audience engaged on Instagram by uploading the content they are searching for. One way to keep your audience captivated is to offer giveaways and host contests on Instagram.

The Don’ts

  • Irrelevant content:

Context is everything so never upload irrelevant posts for the sake of engagement. Always upload brand-centric posts. There is no point in uploading the content that is not related to the interest of your targeted audience.

  • Post without captions:

Show your voice through text and never forget to add captions with your posts.

  • Over post:

Uploading content to keep the audience engaged on Instagram is essential. But if you start over posting it will annoy your followers which will clearly not be in your favor.

  • Mislead:

Your Instagram Followers trust you and your brand so; posting content that is partially misleading will weaken their trust. It will not be in your brand’s favor as winning the customer’s loyalty is not that easy.

  • Follow bots:

Use of auto comments is annoying. Getting followed by the same person, again and again, is irritating.

  • Delete negative comments:

Deleting negative comments from your posts may haunt you later. Respond the negative feedback positively and nicely considering it as the feedback. Your Instagram is an extension of your brand so, you should plan things carefully. Don’t ignore your followers and give value to them.