In this age of technological advancements and rapidly growing digital marketing, it may seem as though email is becoming extinct. The truth, however, is that email is still arguably as relevant as it was before and should be a core part of your marketing strategy as a business. There are many ways that email can still be used as a powerful tool to communicate with your present and prospective customers. For one, it cuts across a range of ages and audiences as most people need to access their email to read important information on a daily basis. In this article, you will find a few reasons why email marketing still works just in case you aren’t yet convinced.

It is a Faster way of Reaching People

With the emergence of social media and what it has meant for businesses in the last couple of years, it is easy to assume that email no longer plays a vital role in marketing. However, email can still be said to be one of the fastest ways of reaching numerous people all with the click of a few buttons. By using email and generating an extensive list of subscribers using a tool such as MailChimp WordPress, you’re likely to be able to send information to thousands of people simultaneously. It may also interest you to know that an email is six times more likely to get a click through than a tweet is. This could be because it goes directly to a customer’s inbox and isn’t lost in a competitive news feed. In order to get your emails read, however, it is important to devise ways of building strong relationships with your email list so that they’re more than happy to receive relevant emails from you.

Messages Can be Personalized

One of the reasons that email is still effective in the world of marketing is because of how personalized they can be. There are currently software and marketing tools that enable you to send emails to customers irrespective of what part of the sales process they may be at. You can also collect data regarding their preferences by looking at the kind of links they click on and emails they open. You can then separate your email subscribers into different groups and send each group the sort of content that they would appreciate. This is also a feature of email you may not be able to do with social media.

You Can offer Greater Value

When you use email as a marketing tool, it is an opportunity to offer great value. By creating content that people need and that help them solve some of their daily problems, you are actually helping customers by sending them emails. When you do so, it’s more likely that they’ll be enthusiastic about buying your products or using your services. Some ways to improve your email marketing efforts to ensure you get a return on investment, however, include specifically defining your email objectives, as well as validating and segmenting your email lists.

No matter what marketing strategies you happen to devise, you shouldn’t do away with email marketing just yet. It can be used to reach a wide audience and different categories of people within your specific target market. The key is in creating emails that are worth opening and capturing your audience’s attention in the little time that you have to do so. A well-composed email with valuable information inside still has the ability to be well-received by customers.