Convincing internet users to visit your website is merely the first step – converting new visitors into customers and repeat visitors is the hard part. The way your website’s design functions and what content you include has a significant effect on your ability to turn first-time visitors into loyal, revenue generating customers.

Grab attention straight away

Visitors to your site will need to get an impression of what your business is about quite quickly, or they may simply move on to the next search result. Keep in mind that simply carrying across a message will only get you so far – without a specific prompt to interact with you, a visitor will digest the message, but could leave. Interesting content also goes a long way in keeping the attention of visitors, and getting them to return.

Work behind the scenes

First-time visitors will move away from your site if there are any technical issues. The first impression your site creates is lasting, and you are unlikely to convert a visitor into a customer if there are navigation glitches or issues with the purchasing process. Sophisticated website analytics software will help you understand which paths users take through your website, and this technical understanding of visitor flow can help you lead visitors to action pages.

Five hot tips for engaging and converting visitors

  1. Present a clear purpose and message: Use a combination of images and carefully placed headline text to clearly express what your product or service is about. Find a balance between attention-grabbing visual elements and providing enough detailed information to bring across salient benefits.
  1. Offer a call to action: Consider adding an unobtrusive mailing list sign-up box that flies over your site, or install a live chat facility so that potential customers can interact with you. You can also offer a promotion for new customers that is snappy and easy to make use of – the goal is to turn eyeballs into action as soon as possible.
  1. Publish interesting content: Hire a web content agency to help you create the website content you need to convert your site visitors into loyal customers. Depending on your product, you could think about a picture feed or videos instead of written copy.
  1. Focus on the technical aspects: Invest in thoroughly testing your website for any hiccups and you’ll avoid losing a lucrative loyal customer on first contact. A testing facility is an excellent way to find the errors and mistakes that are glaringly obvious – but easily missed.
  1. Use website analytics: Sometime the structure of a site can lead visitors down a path that does not lead to action – or, you may find customers land on your site via a search result that effectively directs them to a dead end. Finding these exit pages and the routes visitors take can be crucial in putting in place actionable prompts that stop visitors from simply drifting off.

Converting website visitors involves a combination of design elements, compelling content and the structure of your site. Don’t lose out on fresh, new visitors by allowing them to wander off at the first opportunity – instead, design and structure your site to maximise the chance that a visitor will convert into a customer.