If you have ever received the “message not sent” icon, you know the frustration that it can cause. The fact is, when you are trying to reach family, friends or business associates and employees, you need to have confidence that your message will get through the first time it is sent. While cell phones and other smart devices may have interrupted services and poor reception at times, there is a method that can be used to ensure the message you are trying to send is arriving at the proper destination: messaging from the web.

There are a variety of different providers of text service for business and personal use. Some are offered for a price; however there are a plethora of free sites, as well. These free sites typically have some limitations on the number of messages that can be sent and where they are able to go. For example, you may not be able to send messages to Europe with some sites, and Australia with others.

The Trend of Online Messaging

There is no doubt that the text message form of communication has spread like wildfire throughout all generations. While most cell phone plans offer bundles with certain amounts of text messages included, these are easy to go over, costing you more money and sometimes making you sacrifice the ability to even use your phone. A quick fix for this was to use social media to stay in touch. However, this method has quickly lost its appeal. Another method that is used more frequently and quickly gaining steam is using online websites for sending and receiving text messages.

However, you must be careful when you use these services to ensure you are not utilizing a scam or spammer. Some services that are offered not only send your message, but will also send advertisements or other messages that are not solicited. The best way to avoid these sites is to do your research prior to using the service. Check scammer reviews and reports and read authentic customer reviews to determine if the site is reputable and will simply provide you with the free service to send your text messages.

The Best Online Messaging Services

Free is definitely the operative word. There are many sites available that offer free messaging services and after completing your research, you can begin utilizing these services. Some of the best messaging services include:

  • TeleFlip
  • Peekamo
  • Gizmo SMS

When you decide to use web based messaging service there are some providers that allow you to download the feature to your cellular or smart device. This will cut down on the charges on your cell phone bill and allow you to still send and receive important messages. Keep in mind, when you choose a service that that provides free messages there may be limitations to the amount of messages that can be sent and received. Ensuring you understand this fact will help you utilize the free services that are provided to their full potential.