If you are a graphics designer you must be in need of new tools and resources to assist you in your work. InkyDeals is an online resource which brings you design related deals from all over the Internet at reasonable prices. The deals here either come with huge discounts or are completely free. The website is updated every day with a new deal so it is advisable that you keep a regular eye on it so that you won’t miss anything.

In order to come up with quality deals all the time they have partnered with some other companies. The company names include Designmodo, CompanyFolders, Learnable, DesignTNT amongst others. The image below lists all the partner companies.

One of their deals is worthy of mention here. They are giving away 471 premium design resources for free which otherwise cost $519. So this is a discount of 100% straight.

Of course since this bundle contains 471 resources, discussing all of them would require the length of a small e-book. Therefore below I will list only some of the resources contained in this bundle.

 Subtle patterns set from Design TNT

Repeat patterns or simply patterns, as the name suggests, are rigid elements where the core design is simply repeated over and over again along a horizontal and vertical line. These elements usually repeat in a predictable manner and this predictability of elements is what makes the design beautiful. The image above shows four such patterns.

Designers need such patterns in different sorts of designs. They can serve as nice backgrounds for logos or images. This resource will help you there.

 Web buttons set from DesignTNT

Suppose you write an e-book and then upload it on your blog and ask people to buy it by clicking on a link. Which of the two seems better? Simply using some words like “Buy now” and hyperlinking them to the sales page or using a button with the words “Buy now”? Of course using a button is more fancy and hopefully will get you more conversions. Also it casts a better impression on your website’s readers.

This resource consists of a set of web buttons which you will find useful in constructing your client’s websites.

“Getting Started with HTML and CSS” course from SitePoint’s Learnable

If you want to create websites it is an absolute necessity that you learn HTML and CSS. I don’t care what others tell you but you need to learn, at least the basics, of these two languages, period.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you should only create compelling content and leave coding and programming to developers. If you will think that way then you will never survive.

HTML and CSS is what you will need every day in creating or running a website. So if you are not acquainted with these languages this course can help you. Go and take a look at InkyDeals website and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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