A high-ranking business website in Google results is similar to a brick and mortar business that is conveniently located where customers can easily find it. The higher the listing of a site in search results, the more the traffic to the site, which translates to new customers.

There are various ways to attract visitors to a website. One of the ways is through paid listings. In this case, the company pays the search engine to have its adverts appear on related sponsored search results as per the set budget. The other method is the use of organic search results where websites are ranked based on the site content and how closely related the website is to the searched keywords. The goal of every website should to appear in the first page of search results for related keywords as most people rarely click beyond the first page. Here are ways to get a business website rank top on Google’s search results.

 Quality content

Content is king. The more informative and the better the content is at solving visitor’s problems the more likely they are going to share the content and refer the website to their friends.

Thus, companies should strive to create content that offers more of solutions rather than push the product to the customers. The site will still market the company’s products but that should not be the only focus of the page.

Using the right keywords

The keywords are select phrases and words that visitors would normally use when searching for content related to the business. The search engine robots look for keywords when matching the search terms to the websites. Business should look for five to ten phrase or words that best represents the business and incorporate them into the content. However, one should not cram them into the content to avoid being penalized for looking like spam.

Building links

Links have an influence in the way search engines rank a site. Webmasters can create either interlinks or backlinks to their website. An interlink is built by creating a link on a keyword or sentence to some other content on the website. Backlinks are created when other sites link to your site.

Search engines weigh the quality of backlinks a site gets when ranking it. Quality backlinks come from authoritative sites. A business can create backlinks by listing on online directories and including a link to the website when sending out press releases and announcements to media houses. Webmasters can also contact other business and offer them a link exchange.

Mobile friendly sites

Several visitors are likely to visit a site through a mobile device. To emphasize the importance of mobile friendly sites, Google made an algorithm change to reward mobile friendly sites. This update has been dubbed as ‘mobilegeddon’. Webmasters should create websites where mobile users do not need to zoom when reading the content. Furthermore, it should have bigger buttons for easier clicking through the links.

The images should not be too large to load faster on the mobile device. Visitors will hit the back button as soon as the find they face challenges when navigating the site with their mobile phones.

Finally, clients should share their content on every available opportunity so that people can interact with them. They could use blogs, social media, and expert forums. They can also promote their content through emails. The more the word is spread, the more the traffic to the company’s website. All the above can be achieved seamlessly with the right assistance by FCR Media.