Are you running a retail business that’s stuck in the Dark Ages? Well, if you’re relying on Excel spreadsheets or good old-fashioned pens and paper to keep tabs on your stock, then it’s likely you are…

Of course, paper based methods are the cheapest way to keep up to date on your inventory, but they’ll soon prove to be unsustainable as you continue to grow. You’ll make mistakes, decrease productivity and ultimately waste valuable time – time that could be better spent on other areas of your business such as marketing or customer service.

So if you’re thinking of going paperless, here are a handful of benefits relating to barcode scanner software that might just tempt you…

Eliminate data entry errors

If there’s one thing small and medium business know when it comes to recording orders, notifying warehouse pickers, and sending out items for delivery, it’s that mistakes are commonplace.

Of course, it’s only natural to be making errors if you’re manually updating spreadsheets or using similarly outdated forms of capturing essential information, but that doesn’t mean your business can continue to operate in this manner – especially as it grows. Barcode scanner software will automatically sync your orders with what’s happening on the warehouse floor, eliminating data errors completely. In turn, operations run smoothly and customers are a whole lot more satisfied.

Have complete oversight over your inventory

One of the best things about barcode scanner software is that your database will automatically synchronize with activity happening on the ground, giving you complete oversight of your inventory. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can see what you have in stock, what needs ordering, and even which location your inventory is currently stored in.

New barcodes and other graphics can be easily created

Another benefit of barcode scanner software is that it does a lot more than simply track the whereabouts of your products. You can use it to create custom barcodes by designing templates that can be used time and time again. Many types of barcode software also allow you to design and print asset tags, shipping labels, ID badges and other graphics that are useful to your business.

Systems and processes are easier for your workers to follow

Learning manual processes or updating spreadsheets is a time-consuming way for your staff to work. It also leaves plenty of room for human error (as discussed above) but, beyond this, it also requires more in-depth training. That’s another area where barcode scanner software excels, as it requires that only a few key individuals need to be trained to the level where they can confidently operate a database that contains all the vital inventory and sales information your business relies on. Beyond that, staff are cheap to train as they only need basic training to master using hand-held scanners for reading barcodes.

Improve efficiency and productivity

Having explored the benefits above, it will come as no surprise that barcode scanner software ultimately helps a business to be more efficient and productive. Seamlessly integrated technology that’s both simple to use and readily scalable means your business can spend its time focusing on the things that drive profit and make your customers happy – rather than carrying out long-winded stock checks or making sales products for products in antiquated systems.

Prepare for growth

A final (but by no means least noteworthy) benefit of barcode scanner software is that it allows for scalability in your business. Growth is great, but only if you have the infrastructure to cope with the new products and increased customer numbers that growth entails – which is where barcode scanner software really comes into its own. Software like this will enable you to keep careful control over thousands of products, ensuring inventory is precisely up to date and allowing orders to be fulfilled across multiple warehouses.

As you can see, there are a multitude of benefits to enjoy with barcode scanner software. So, consider it for your business, now or in the future.