Once you’re in the business world, you start bumping into many obstacles. You need to make sure that suppliers deliver everything on time, that your tech department is well-trained and that your staff is working in a pleasant environment that motivates them. Besides this, there are many other things that require your attention. However, there is a specific obstacle that can be tremendously detrimental to your entire business: customer experience and feedback; this is why a help desk software plays a very important role.

Having a business is not only about delivering products and services to customers; at some point, it becomes a culture and it forms a community. Your relationship with your clients needs to be as good as possible, as they are the ones responsible for your success. Whenever they are unsatisfied, your business risks a failure.

So, how do you make sure that their issues are solved? Even more, how do you make sure that their questions are answered in a fast, professional manner? Well, for this job you need a good help desk software such as the recently released by Wix, and some well-trained staff members.

A professional yet easy to use and understand Wix Answers help desk software can be the missing link between your current level of business and exhilarating success. What is important to understand is that, the happier the clients are, the more success you are going to have; this is because a happy customer:

  1. Comes back and uses your services
  2. Usually brings another person along
  3. Talks good words about your brand (pretty much a tool for free marketing)

With this being said, satisfying their needs is vital when wishing to grow your business. Implementing a help desk software such as Wix Answers has even more advantages, such as improving the quality of your products, reducing costs, and promoting customer retention. With these elements, you can make sure that your users are as happy as possible, which basically means more success for you.

What you need to know about Wix Answers 

After testing Wix Answers ourselves and playing with all its features, we have managed to understand why it is important to implement such a software. Not only it delivers the right information to your customers in an efficient way, but it is also tremendously easy to use and install. Even more, it features beautiful templates that are easily customized, allowing your brand identity to stand out.

The most important features that we explored were:

The help center – this is the most important piece of the entire system, as this is where customers find the answers they need; Using the knowledge base within it they can browse through tutorials, articles and guides, and solve their problem before having to contact your support team. If they can find what they need here, it means that you have effectively organized the information on your website, and successfully helped them solve their issue. If, however, their problem is far more complicated, they can easily reach your support team.

The multi-channel ticketing system – many businesses have been pleased by this feature, as it allows you to manage all requests in one place, no matter if they are coming from the help center, email, or even your Facebook business page. Even more, your support agents have articles and saved replies so that they can easily respond to frequent, common questions.

We also discovered the fact that you can easily set up mailboxes to further share with your customers; this way, they can directly contact you and find the solutions they need.

The call center – we were pleasantly surprised to see how easy this feature is to use; you can even create your 1-800 number and allow more agents to answer the same call in order to respond to more challenging questions. Moreover, the callback mode allows your customers to request a time and mention their inquiry, so that no matter their schedule, they will always find the answers they need.

The Widget – we really enjoyed playing with this feature, as it allows you to fully use your creativity; you can showcase articles from the help center in many places of your website so that your users find what they need without having to leave the product page.

These are the most important features that we tested and they really stand out from the crowd. The fact that you can easily customize everything to match your brand’s identity is a big plus, while all the functionalities run smoothly, offering a great user experience.

With this being said, if you are looking for a help desk center that will meet all your needs in just one place, easy to use and highly effective, Wix Answers is the choice for you. Only highly satisfied customers, great user experience and all you need to focus on growing your business.