A web hosting plays a crucial role in the overall performance of your site. Therefore, go for a hosting provider that not only ensures the endless accessibility for your site but also offers adequate customer support whenever is needed.

In addition to this, always make sure the provider is capable to fulfill the growing needs of your site because as traffic and content of your website will grow, you will need to switch to a more advanced hosting solution. Most of the people who perform different digital marketing strategies and expect a huge increase in their web traffic often switch to business hosting. Because this type of hosting is more promising in fulfilling the requirements of a growing website

Business hosting is a kind of cPanel hosting that offers power for VPS hosting and ease of shared hosting altogether. It is more powerful than shared hosting and meant to accommodate high-traffic, data-intensive, and eCommerce websites and applications.

If you think the requirements of your site is surpassing the shared hosting, it is time to find a reliable hosting provider that is expert in offering business hosting. Hostinger is one popular name in the hosting industry which can be a great match for you. The company claims to offers quality yet affordable business hosting services.

Let’s find out whether the provider stands on their claim or not!

Business Hosting Services Offered By Hostinger

Founded in 2004, Hostinger holds a good reputation in the market. It offers a wide range of hosting services under the same roof and business hosting is one of them. There are 3 plans company offers in this section.

Their basic Business Startup plan starts at $15.90 for a month while the most premium plan i.e. Business Enterprise costs $71.55 for a month. The mid-sized plan is called Business Professional plan that charges monthly bill of $31.80.

Each plan has different features designed to cater the needs of different users. However, all the plans support an advanced control panel that holds all the essential features help in creating a strong online presence. In addition to this, in every plan, you will find features like single-click installer, daily backups, free SSL Certificate, 24/7 live support and isolated resources.

According to your website traffic and the content density, you can choose any of these plans. The startup plan is sufficient to cater the needs of a large-scale growing site. However, if you are running a high traffic and heavy resource site, you will have to look for premium plans.

See the complete features in the screenshot given below.

If we take a look at features and pricing, we find the provider is actually affordable than most of leading hosting providers. The biggest advantage is the provider gives you a full control over your website through an advanced control panel that holds all the necessary features help in building a strong online presence. So if you think, shared hosting is not competent to fulfill your needs anymore, Hostinger business hosting can be a good option for you.

Features of Hostinger Business Hosting

Dedicated Resources

The main aim of business hosting is to provide dedicated resources so that users can get fast, reliable and secure hosting experience. As this type of hosting is dedicated, it will be always available for your use.

At Hostinger, you get dedicated disk space and memory. With their business hosting you get a complete isolation which means your site will not be affected by another site available on server. It is surprising to know even their basic plan supports dedicated internet protocols. With dedicated internet protocols, all your scripts and extension run smoothly without any issue. 

24/7 Live Support

The provider offers dedicated live chat support for all their business hosting users. It is a 24 hours support system, which is available all 7 days of the week. Their customer support is known to offer prompt and precise solutions. As we can read reviews on hostadvice.com, a well-known review website, people are really appreciating their services. When we personally tried out their customer support we also got prompt answers to our query. We hardly waited for 5 to 10 minutes to receive the response.

A customer support is the biggest point to consider while choosing a web host, hosting seems perfect in this category.

Room for Growth

With Hostinger, you don’t need to worry about the scalability option. The company offers enough room for the growth. Whenever you need, you can instantly scale up and down resources like RAM, disk space, bandwidth, and CPUs. The team at Hostinger is always available to offer you more power as your site expands.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Unlike many hosting providers, Hostinger offers 30-days money back guarantee. It means if you are not satisfied with their hosting service they will refund you instantly without asking a single question. Even it is mentioned on their site.

The good thing is all their business hosting plans are protected by this guarantee.

Automated Backups

Every website whether it is a small or big needs a good backup system because risks to data are everywhere. Luckily, Hostinger supports an automated backup system that automatically creates backup for all your files, folders and database.

Besides this, the provider has also invested in RAID protection and Cloud Technology, which ensures your data will be safe in every situation.

Is Hostinger Business Hosting a Good Choice?

Hostinger is a well-known name in the industry that has been offering a wide range of hosting solutions since the foundation in 2004. Based in Kaunas, Lithuania, the company has 29 million users in over 178 countries and every new day it gets 15 thousand sign-ups. On the basis of this, we can say the provider is reliable because it is almost impossible to get such good response from users for an untrustworthy provider.

So, there is no issue about the reliability.

Speaking of their business hosting services, there are a lot of features that the company is offering at an affordable price. All their plans are capable to handle the needs of any kind of eCommerce and high-traffic website. The company has invested into the state-of-the-art server that can handle even the high traffic surge. Moreover, with their business hosting service, you are free to host as many sites as you want until you have resources. And if you ever need more resources, you simply need to contact Hostinger team who are ready to help you out.

If you are still suspecting their services, you can give it a try for free. As we said above, all their plans are protected by 30 days money back guarantee there shouldn’t be any issue in inspecting their business hosting services.