A good software testing company can do a lot for a business’s website. Not only can it improve overall functionality but it can see where any bugs are by running multiple tests at one time. This alleviates the need to test one specific task at a time to make improvements or complete changes faster. The more apparent the issues are, the faster they can be fixed. A software testing service, such as BugFinders.com as an example, is a good way to ensure that the website is free from glitches, runs smoothly and ensure optimal usability.

Run Multiple Tests at Once

If you are running an E-commerce website, testing one element at a time can literally take weeks. This can lead to additional issues and even more time with unfavorable results. The ability to run multiple tests at one time will put several functions against each other. These performance results can help to show where problems lie, if scalability is working and if the shopping area is running smoothly.

Some of the things that consumers look for when shopping on a website include:

  • The ability to change quantities without having to refresh the page
  • Removing a product easily
  • Shopping cart automatically updates when changes to the order are made
  • Easy to get back to products after viewing the shopping cart
  • Absolutely secure checkout procedures
  • Minimal steps for checkout

When a user is in their shopping cart and is ready to pay, the last thing that person wants is to have to go through six pages of checkout questions. Minimizing the steps by combining actions on a single page is ideal. A good software testing company will be able to point out any lengthy checkout procedures and come up with solutions to combine those features into one page. This may end up being with an entirely different program.

Use Revenue Tracking Software

One of the best ways for a company to know how much it is making and where to push promotions is via revenue tracking software. Tests can be run to see if the software is accurate with the available inventory. Again, this is a type of software that can be rewritten to combine inventory control with sales for a more accurate showing of revenues.

Input Heatmaps

There are many benefits to running testing with heatmaps. This is a mapping system that clearly indicates what products or services are viewed the most. A software testing company will be able to run schematics testing on an entire website’s product line at one time to see what items need to be promoted, what items are being looked at and purchased, what isn’t being purchased and what is the most popular item. This will help improve sales as running specific promotions can entice users to purchase more than one item if the price is right.

Implement Behavioral Targeting

Tests can be run specifically to see what consumers are buying what products. This helps a website to be able to offer suggestions for purchase to each buyer. While this may be considered to be a profiling tactic, it is simply a means of internal marketing. An example of how this would work is if the system can be alerted to show a user a specific product if another is put into a shopping cart. A brief advertisement, such as pairing this product with the product you’ve already selected to purchase will help by, and giving a reason to complete the marketing technique.

Improve Functionality

There are often small little glitches that happen while using a website. In some cases, it is a result of poor coding and in others, it is software battling another program it can cause hiccups or malfunctioning operations. Users can become frustrated and abandon their purchase altogether. It is ideal to run these tests regularly, especially if you notice a drop in sales, to see where the problem lies.

How Testing Increases Sales

Running a battery of tests on a website helps you to see what is being viewed, what is being purchased and what just sits. It helps you to see where you need to market stronger and provides an outlook on what step the business needs to do next. Making these improvements helps the business to appeal to users and will help them to make purchases faster and without functionality issues.

One other item that can help improve your sales is a good product description with specifications. Users like to read about what they are buying as well having several photos about a product to show the different angles. Testing does go rather far, but it has to be an entire package. If all of these elements are put together in the right formula, a boost in sales can be seen as well as steadily increasing sales over time.

Images credit: wikimedia.org