So, you’ve been using a VoIP phone system for a long time but wondering how to use it better. Or perhaps, you’ve just made the switch and are struggling to get the maximum value from it.

Either way, you’ve landed at the right spot, as this guide will lay down how to make the most of your VoIP phone system. We’ll explore which features you can try to automate your call center operations, cut costs, and provide better customer service overall.

With that said, let’s dive in.

How to Make the Most of a VoIP Phone System in 2023

Below, we’ll explore practical ways to get maximum value from your VoIP phone system.

Set Up Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a vital phone system feature that lets you forward an incoming call to another number. You can use it to transfer customer calls to the right staff and ensure more calls are answered.

This feature lets you forward calls to an agent who isn’t in the office by transferring them to their personal phone number. It can be helpful when someone is on vacation, but they must answer the customer’s call.

Call Queueing

You can create and organize a virtual queue of incoming customer calls with Call Queueing. Your support agents can prioritize the critical calls and pick them first.

Moreover, they can also put calls on hold and answer them when free. It ensures your staff answer customer calls effectively with minimal wait times.

Advanced Call Management

Most VoIP phone services offer advanced call management to let you handle customer calls quickly and effectively. You can prioritize, hold, and answer incoming calls as you wish.

Generally speaking, a simple dashboard lets you track incoming calls so you can pick them, put them on hold, or forward them as needed. An advanced call management system will help improve your call center operations and reduce customer frustration.

Set Up Call Routing

Call routing is another fantastic feature of business VoIP phone systems. It lets you set up pre-defined rules for directing incoming calls to other phones. For instance, you can set your phone system to route important calls to qualified staff.

Most VoIP phone providers let you create detailed call routes depending on agent availability, performance, and more. So you can ensure the callers facing technical issues are redirected to your specialized support agents. It ensures your customers connect to suitable agents and have a good customer experience.

Use an Auto Attendant

An auto attendant redirects incoming calls to extensions as requested by callers. It automatically connects them to the right service or agent without needing a human operator.

So, your callers enjoy a fast service as they’re redirected to their respective departments (such as the technical or sales department) in the first go. Plus, the average call handling time is reduced to reduce your call center costs.

Make Use of Text Messaging

Most VoIP phone system providers offer business text messaging and let you send unlimited texts to your team and customers. Use it to keep your employees posted on company updates and send notifications and event updates to your customers.

Not only that, but you can also market your products, services, and upcoming sales events through business text messaging.

Observe Call Analytics to Improve

It’s not uncommon for VoIP phone systems to provide detailed call analytics. These analytics are a fantastic way to improve your call center operations. Use them to track incoming calls, total calls received, and missed and attended calls.

Also, you can track average call duration, individual agent performance, best-performing agent, and more. Use this data to optimize your operations for improved profitability, lower costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

Never Miss Important Calls With Call Notify

If your team receives many customer calls, it could miss out on important calls from big clients and business partners. That’s where the call notify feature comes in.

As you enable this feature on important contacts, your agents receive an email whenever you get a call from any of these numbers. The email notifies them an important call is incoming so they can prioritize it in the queue.

Wrapping It Up

VoIP phone systems are growing fast thanks to their increased flexibility, convenience, and profitability. But making your VoIP phone system do wonders for you can take time and effort.

This guide dived deep into some powerful ways to get maximum value from your VoIP system. These mainly include using features like call forwarding, call queuing, and call analytics.

Remember, continuously observing and improving your systems is the key to making the most of your VoIP phone system. Until next time, cheers!