Having intellectual capital is one thing, but utilizing it efficiently and effectively to get maximum benefit out of it is something completely different. Employers frequently find themselves spending thousands of dollars on attracting and retaining employees, but failing to get the most out of these employees. To be fair, employers can hardly be blamed for this. Tapping into the maximum potential of employees and encouraging them to perform their best is a skill that comes with years of experience, if ever. And the job has not gotten any easier with Android phones, along with its countless apps, becoming a commonplace in workplaces. If you can relate yourself to any of this, especially the part about failing to get the most out of your employees due to digital distractions, then you need not worry. As it turns out, there is just the technological solution for your worries, Mobistealth. With this Android monitoring app, available at www.mobistealth.com/android-spy-software, you will surely be able to manage your employees just as effectively and efficiently as employers and managers with years of experience behind them.

Discourages Device Abuse

In today’s digital environment, it is crucial for companies to hand over electronic devices such as smartphones to employees for carrying out day to day operations smoothly. The problem occurs when the latter start to misuse these devices by carrying out time-wasting activities. Mobistealth knows how to put an end to it. Installing this nifty app on your employees’ digital devices lets you know immediately when they start using these devices for non-work related stuff, like playing games, using social media, using irrelevant apps, etc.

Sniffs out Dishonest Employees and Corporate Spies

Dishonest employees are a liability for any organization as they may leak business secrets, steal sensitive data, compromise data integrity, and do much more. Corporate espionage for the purpose of gathering sensitive information and then exploiting this information to gain unfair competitive advantage, or neutralize the target company’s competitive advantage has been a trend for quite some time now. Until recently, it was almost impossible to detect corporate spies, but Mobistealth is more than equipped to help you protect your company against such attacks by sniffing out corporate spies. It closely monitors the digital footprints of employees, including their text messages, emails, and even their calls to check if the latter are doing their work honestly, or if they are involved in some sort of hanky-panky activities. With the powerful monitoring app on the lookout, rival companies won’t have an easy time getting their hands on your company secrets.

Increases Accountability

What makes Mobistealth a gem is the fact that it makes employees accountable for all their activities. They can’t simply deny that they have been wasting time online, misusing company’s resources, leaking sensitive information, etc. as the Android monitoring app provides you with solid proof in the form of detailed reports. It exposes employees by providing you insights on what your workforce has really been up to behind your back.

Keeps Field Employees Focused and in Line

Due to the nature of the businesses they are running, a large number of companies have started hiring mobile workforce, which unfortunately has created new challenges for employers as it’s not easy keeping an eye on employees while they are in the field. This is where Mobistealth comes into play. It uses GPS technology, Wi-Fi, and radio signals to keep you updated on where exactly your employees are, and if they are where they should be.