It’s a well-known fact that if you want to succeed in business these days you need to create an engaging web presence, and ensure you’re noticed on every channel possible. The use of social media and a bold and unique website, and the ways in which you manage your business online will be integral to your reputation, ability to attract customers, and eventual success. Prior to investing in your products your clients will be hoping to find out what puts you above all others, meaning that your website must be able to highlight everything there is to know. Meanwhile, once a customer has engaged with your company it is essential to encourage brand loyalty, and to keep them coming back; again, an appealing website is an absolute must. So, just how can you create a website that’s as unique as you are, with the power to dominate its corner of the marker? Read on to find out…

Introducing your inspiration for a successful website

You only need look at the websites of successful entrepreneurs such as Stephen Wynn to begin to understand what it takes to make a website work. Slick images, minimal text, bold, sophisticated colors, and an emphasis on important details ensure that clients know all there is to know about Wynn’s business empire from the homepage alone; you too could highlight your firm in such a way.

Planning and design will be everything, of course, and you must carefully consider every aspect of your website before allowing it to go live. Now is also the time to choose your ‘best bits’; that is, the facts you’d like your website to introduce to prospective clients before they delve further into your web domain. For example, Steve Wynn’s website has a short paragraph regarding his career, including the casino and hotel empire that he created in the 1990s, images of the venues that he’s helped to breathe life into, and links to top news stories regarding his successes. Very little is left to the reader’s imagination, and it’s essential that your website is equally engaging and concise; already we know that Steve Wynn has forged a successful career in the leisure and tourism industry, and it’s the magnate’s carefully crafted website that showcases the fact.

The key ingredients for a successful website

As well as layout and general content now is the time to think about the finer details; what colors will you choose? How will you pick images that best represent your business? It’s essential that you keep your website’s design fresh and clean, while ensuring that its pages remain true to your business’s ethos. This is your opportunity to showcase your products or services, after all. Will your site act as an online shop, or a window into your retail empire? Will you have photographs taken professionally, or use stock images? The ways in which content is created is key at this point, and you need to decide whether you’re drafting in a team of experts, or doing the work yourself.

Finally think about user experience; your site must be bold and engaging, and easy to navigate, as few customers will stick around if they have to look too hard for the information they need. How can you best describe your services in a few sentences, or condense your entire company into an image or two? Being selective at this point, as well as creative, will really come in handy! Social media, and the ways in which your website can be linked to platforms such as Twitter and Facebook will assist customers in their search for further details; imagine the hits you’ll receive if you’re able to get your website ‘out there’ via social media. A contact form is also a good idea, as it encourages engagement from the moment a customer enters your site.

Your website is your chance to tell the world about your products and services, but in order to maintain a successful web presence it’s essential to think about the way you’re represented online. Keep your website bold, bright, and engaging, and, above all, unique; you know your products inside out, and you are passionate about their success. If you’re able to pour the same passion into your website, you’ll be well on your way to highlighting those best bits.